News: Used Panties Wed, 26 Apr 2017 16:23:17 -0500 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb News: Miss Fiona's Sexy Spring G-String Sale News: Miss Fiona's Sexy Spring G-String Sale

It's that time of year again! Spring has sprung and I'm finally back to wearing my sexy g-strings and thongs under my miniskirts!
For the entire month of April, all of my G-string and Thong hamper panties will be priced at 2 pairs for $30.

Place your order before Easter Sunday and GET ONE FREE EXTRA...

* Additional days wear: +$9/day (up to 5 days) For STRONG scent.

* “No shower today”: +$5

* Big, WET, Juicy Orgasm: +$10 (Trust me. Worth EVERY penny!)

* Pee panties: +$10-15 (slightly wet or VERY wet as per your request.)

* Ass Flossing: Light wiping +$10. Heavy skid marks +$35.
------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Wanna get to know me better?

Go here for other sexy items I have for you: 54-miss-fiona.html

Send me a message to place your order before April 30th


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    ]]> (Miss Fiona) Panty Fetish News Tue, 04 Apr 2017 00:06:27 -0500
    Tax refund money burning a hole in your pocket? Check out my bulk specials!  Tax refund money burning a hole in your pocket? Check out my bulk specials!

    Hi babies!

    Tax refund money burning a hole in your pocket? Check out my bulk specials!

    Bulk Panty & Socks Specials:
    Make me yours for a full WEEK!
    - Up to 7 PANTIES of your choice for just $100 & you choose the FREE unlimited customizations!
    - Up to 7 pairs of SOCKS of your choice for just $50 & you choose the FREE unlimited customizations!

    Lot of pics included FREE! Vacuum sealing is FREE!
    Shipping is $10 in the US or $20 outside the US (all shipped at once).
    See all my ads:
    Easy ordering instructions:
    Bulk Video Special:
    See EVERY video on my menu (listed at - that's 29 total - for just $100! Watch me cum HARD again & again while I satisfy a whole plethora of filthy fetishes! You'll be cumming right along with me for weeks!
    I'll send them all to you via Googledrive (no sign up required) for you to watch instantly!

    Bulk Other Treats Special:
    I've got a ton of other tasty treats available (listed at Send me a long, naughty list of the treats you crave, and I'll make you an awesome deal!

    Hurry and email me at to get your bulk order started before April is over and these specials end!

    Always wet and ready,

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      ]]> (Lana) Panty Fetish News Sat, 01 Apr 2017 06:06:28 -0500
      Flash Sale.. All Panties £14 Flash Sale.. All Panties £14

      Flash Sale.. All Panties £14

      I promised when I changed my prices that I would still include some amazing offers... and I intend on keeping that promise.

      From 17th -24th February I will be having a flash sale on my site. all panties will be £14 worn 24 hours rather than my usual selling price of £20. This includes worn 24 hours, masturbated in and worked out in if you would like. It also includes 4 free photos of me wearing and UK delivery (add £5 for outside of the UK)

      This offer is a real treat and what makes it more of a delight is that you can pre order as many pairs as you like for this price. The only condition is that you must pay for these orders on or before 24th Feb. I will be opening my diary up until 31st May to book in orders so you can choose dates well in advance.

      You can also now buy direct from my website using the checkout feature and pay for your order immediately to secure it.

      Check out my pantystore at to see what sexy pairs you can have me wearing
      Or email me

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        ]]> (Miss Smith) Panty Fetish News Tue, 21 Feb 2017 19:01:49 -0600
        Fae's Valentine's Promotion Fae's Valentine's Promotion

        Fae's Valentine's Promotion

        Happy Valentine's Day panty lovers! To say thank you to all of my lovely customers, I will be offering a special Valentine's treat throughout the month of February.

        Every panty order placed this month will include a free play session normally priced at £5 extra! It's the perfect time to treat yourself to a pair of my delicious panties. This promotion will only last until the end of the month, so be sure not to miss out!

        All of my panties can be seen here:
        Email me any questions you may have or to place your order:

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 (Fae) Panty Fetish News Tue, 07 Feb 2017 19:36:06 -0600
          Kaylee's 1 year anniversary sale! Kaylee's 1 year anniversary sale!

          **Kaylee's 1 year anniversary sale!**

          This month I have been selling my lovely fetish items for 1 year!

          To celebrate I'm having a big sale!!

          Buy 1 get 1 50% off panties or
          Buy 2 get 1 free panties!

          Buy 1 get 1 free socks!

          Buy a pair of shoes, get a pair of socks free!

          Buy any item & get a bra, clothes or pair of shoes 50% off!

          Free shipping for any order over $45!

          Take advantage of the discounts while you can & wish me a happy 1 year of selling!

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   (Kaylee) Panty Fetish News Wed, 08 Feb 2017 02:34:02 -0600
            My website is back online and waiting for you My website is back online and waiting for you

            My website is back online and waiting for you.  I have taken the time to rebuild slowly and over the coming weeks will be adding loads more panty photos, several new specials.
            While the site has a different layout-- which is cleaner and more user friendly. My hope is it will be easier for you to find what you are looking for.

            I also made certain that my new site will deliver you the best experience on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device-- so you can enjoy no matter where you are!
            In order to get this party jump started-- mention that you saw this new item on Panty Trust to enjoy $5 off your order! Visit

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     (PortiaMarlow) Panty Fetish News Thu, 02 Feb 2017 17:36:30 -0600
              Aaliyah's Christmas Giveaway Aaliyah's Christmas Giveaway

              It is often said that Christmas is the season to be giving, and I couldn't agree more :) What better way to treat all of my lovely panty fans than to give something back to show my love and appreciation for you?

              Which is why I'm now offering a free dirty extra with every pair of panties purchase over the next few weeks of the holidays! Dirty extras include masturbated in, stuffed, extra wear and intensely worked out in, but if you have any special requests please let me know and I'll see what I can do for you ;) I always aim to please!!

              That means for the bargain price of just £15 you can get most pairs of my beautiful, cute or sexy panties worn for 24 hours, with a free extra (such as ones listed above) 2 free personal pics and free postage if you are in the UK!! If you're not in the UK you need not to worry as this offer is available overseas and my postage charges abroad are kept to a minimum as I would like everyone to enjoy this little gift from me.

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       (Aaliyah) Panty Fetish News Mon, 19 Dec 2016 16:41:51 -0600
                ** Miss Fiona's November Promo ****-miss-fionas-november-promo-**.html**-miss-fionas-november-promo-**.html ** Miss Fiona's November Promo **

                I know most of you are here for all of my pretty panties, but this month’s promo is for you foot fetish boys who can’t get enough of the smell of my lovely toes.

                2 Pairs of my dirtiest, smelliest white ankle socks + 20 HOT pics for $30. (FREE SHIPPING) Every pair of my socks has been worn during at least THREE work-out sessions. And I mean real, high-intensity interval training with my personal trainer. (I work hard for these gorgeous curves!)
                So if you know you just can't get enough of me, here's your chance to double your pleasure for an excellent price.

                E-mail me at and we'll work out all the details so I can send you something extra dirty this month.

                -Miss Fiona

                Want to get to know me a little better?:

                See all the lovely things I have on offer:

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         (Miss Fiona) Panty Fetish News Wed, 30 Nov 2016 00:00:00 -0600
                  Halloween is the sexiest holiday Halloween is the sexiest holiday

                  It brings out the sexy, goth witch side of my already very naughty and perverse personality.
                  So, in honor of All Hollows' Eve, from October 15-31st I’m offering a BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF Halloween Promo on all of my gorgeously goth black cotton panties.

                  You can enjoy 2 Pairs of my softest Black Cotton Panties for just $30.

                  Both pairs of panties will be worn for 24 hours, but at this price, you can afford to splurge on some sexy extras!

                  I’m always happy to make an item extra wet or extra creamy for you.

                  Let me be your sweet Halloween treat!

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           (Miss Fiona) Panty Fetish News Mon, 17 Oct 2016 21:09:02 -0500
                    News: Sing to Me happy birthday! News: Sing to Me happy birthday!

                    October is My Birthday Month.
                    A lady's age is a secret but as a hint- its a milestone (ish). Of course will be expecting the usual wishlist items to trickle in and random gifts but I thought I would offer something back to my adoring panty lovers, old and maybe new.

                    So to celebrate I thought I would do a lovely sale on my 12 hour and 24 hour wear panties and thongs (bar the expensive range-which is 2 adverts on Pantytrust). All you have to do is quote 'Bday30' to get them HALF PRICE. Postage will be free in the uk and over seas £3.

                    So what are you waiting for...Cum Celebrate!!

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             (Jennie) Panty Fetish News Tue, 04 Oct 2016 21:33:42 -0500
                      Kit Rose's Panty Trust Exclusive Summer Panty Sale Kit Rose's Panty Trust Exclusive Summer Panty Sale

                      As the summer temperatures climb, my page is heating up! Now that I'm getting in the swing of things, I love selling my panties, and I want you to get to enjoy them too. So for a limited time, I'm offering a deal just for Panty Trust buyers!

                      So what's the time limit? I'm a huge gamer (in case you can't tell by the nerdy panty photos), and my little 3DS has died. I still have tons of games to play, so I decided to hold this fun sale and get a new 3DS funded by my lovely panty buyers! This sale goes until I hit my goal of $300. I'll announce the end on my Twitter, so make sure to tune in there.

                      What you get:
                      This sale gives you a better sale the more pairs you purchase!
                      If you buy one pair and mention this sale, I'll send three extra pictures (on top of the five included in your purchase). Those photos will be taken with a nerdy prop, like a comic book or one of my PlayStation controllers. Let me know what kind of nerd you are and I'll customize!
                      If you buy two pairs and mention this sale, you'll get the three extra photos and $5 off your order. You'll get an additional $5 off each additional pair!

                      If you're a nerd like me, I have comic book and Star Wars panties! If you have a specific request for a pair I don't have, you can always ask me to special order.

                      I look forward to having some fun with you this summer!

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               (Kit Rose) Panty Fetish News Tue, 12 Jul 2016 18:52:31 -0500
                        Kaylee's Summer sale! Kaylee's Summer sale!

                        Summer is here and to celebrate I'm having a huge sale! From now through 6/30 get (almost) any of my sexy items at a discount! So indulge in your fantasies and treat yourself. You deserve it ;)
                        Discounts are as follows:

                        Panties: 2 for $30 (excludes premium panties)

                        Pantyhose: 20% off list

                        Socks: 20% off list price

                        Shoes: 15% off list price

                        Bras: $5 off of bra of your choice

                        Clothes/used workout attire: 10% off list price

                        **Fees for extras, add-ons & shipping still applies.

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                 (Kaylee) Panty Fetish News Wed, 22 Jun 2016 22:56:16 -0500
                          My used genuine Victoria’s Secret panties are not my ‘every day’ panties’s-secret-panties-are-not-my-‘every-day’-panties.html’s-secret-panties-are-not-my-‘every-day’-panties.html My used genuine Victoria’s Secret panties are not my ‘every day’ panties

                          It is dedicated to the most sophisticated tastes. It is directed at the experienced admirers of women’s used panties, or simply to those who want nothing less than excellent service and highest quality panties.

                          My used genuine Victoria’s Secret panties are not my ‘every day’ panties. They are absolutely special and they deserve royal treatment. This is why the entire Pack is structured to give you the best experience with the best panties.

                          My ‘extras’ included in the pack will ensure that the panties are prepare exactly the way you want them. Are you ready to fly First Class with me?

                          Click to find out all the details, such as what exactly is included in the Pack, how much it costs and how to order:


                          Lots of kisses

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                   (Angie) Panty Fetish News Tue, 26 Apr 2016 08:58:57 -0500
                            New Videos & Photo Sets! New Videos & Photo Sets!

                            New Videos & Photo Sets!

                            I had a lot of wet, hot, cumtastic fun over the past year and a lot of it was captured in my videos & photo sets! So to help ring in the new year, I'm offering up some brand new ones to keep us both cumming over & over:

                            Video Menu
                            I love bringing your fantasies to life! Here's how it works: The videos are 1080p HD - high quality so you can see every dirty detail! They can be up to 11 mins each (I can make longer vids – they'll just need to be split up). I send them to your email address via Googledrive (no sign up required) for you to watch instantly & re-watch!

                            Feel free to download to keep them forever! It's super easy! What I have available for you so far is listed below, but keep checking back, as I'll be updating frequently! (Times are approximate.)
                            -Getting ready to shop for panties without panties on in the car (shows pussy rubbing) [1 min]: $3
                            -Playing w/ my big tits in the car [1 min]: $3
                            -Dirty talking masturbation w/ my fingers in the car w/ loud orgasm [11 min]: $22
                            -Sitting on your face twice (second time w/ pussy spread): [1 min]: $3
                            -Stuffing a panty in my pussy (starts w/ panty in), pulling it out & peeing with it on [2 min]: $6
                            -Naked & holding a panty then stuffing panty deep in my pussy & pulling out [2 min]: $6
                            -Black thong pulled aside, masturbating w/ toy in bed w/ music on til I orgasm [3 min]: $9
                            -Rubbing a black thong on my pussy post-orgasm & stuffing it inside [1 min]: $3
                            -Cotton swatch stuffed in my pussy [2 min]: $6
                            -Chapstick application to my mouth & pussy [2 min]: $6
                            -Wiggling my hot little ass & spanking myself [1 min]: $3
                            -Spitting into a vial [2 min]: $6
                            -Peeing my jean shorts & panties then masturbating my pissy pussy with my fingers & vibrator til I cum loudly [7 min]: $21
                            -Peeing into a clear pitcher [1 min]: $3
                            -Peeing into a vial on the toilet [1 min]: $3
                            -Cotton swatch wipe after a poo, no TP used [1 min]: $3
                            -Wiping my ass w/ a pissy panty right after a poo [1 min]: $3
                            -Wiping my ass w/ TP right after a poo [1 min]: $3
                            -Rubbing my white cotton panty into my asshole & peeing through it [2 min]: $6
                            -Pooping & peeing in the shower (shows poop coming out) [1 min]: $3
                            -Making an asspop (putting a lollipop in my asshole) [1 min]: $3
                            -Sissy reward (masturbation & creamy middle finger) [2 min]: $6
                            -Silent panty snap [half min]: $3
                            -Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: Alpha Male cum in a condom [2 min]: $6
                            -Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: spit, pussy chapstick, pissy leggings, pussypops, panties [6 min]: $18
                            -Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: shitty toilet paper, pee, pussypop [4 min]: $12
                            -Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: sports bra [1 min]: $3
                            -Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: big shit [4 min]: $12
                            -Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: panty, pisspop, asspop [2 min]: $6
                            -Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: Thanksgiving panty & pussypop [3 min]: $9

                            Custom Videos
                            Something you'd like to see that isn't on the menu yet? Tell me all about it! I love to indulge a rainbow of fetishes, so don't be shy!
                            If it's something that I can re-use (that I think others will want to watch too and I don't already have something similar), it will be $3-$5 per minute.*
                            For something I can't re-use (saying your name in the vid or if it's similar to vids I already have on the menu), it will be $5-$10 per minute.*
                            *It's usually cheaper per minute for longer vids. Also please keep in mind that I don't fake orgasms for videos. So if you want to see me cum in your vid, ask for it to be at least 10 minutes long.
                            *These costs do not apply to elaborate vids or those requiring considerable preparation, such as cosplay (where I need to buy a costume, apply face/body paint, learn what lines the character says, create props, etc.).
                            And yes, I love doing filth instruction vids telling you exactly what to do with the tasty treats you've ordered! These are $10 per treat for 1-2 treats, or $5 per treat for 3 or more treats.
                            My only limits so far are that I don't show my full face and I won't put anything bigger than a lollypop inside my fine ass.
                            Photo Sets
                            I've got some steamy photo sets you're going to love! Select from the following or talk to me about ideas for something custom! Whether existing or custom, I usually ask 50 cents each for non-nude and $1 each for nude, with a $10 minimum. All sent directly to you via email. No zipped files, just easy to open & view hi res pics that you can keep forever!
                            -Naked Sitting, Bent Over, Laying on Front, Laying on Back, Standing Over You (6)
                            -Masturbating (unlimited)
                            -Pantystuffing (unlimited)
                            -Fucking/Cream Pie Panties (unlimited)
                            -Huge Load Used Condom on Alphacock, Me Playing w/ It & My Pussy (24)
                            -Lollypops Going in My Pussy/Ass/Peed On (unlimited)
                            -Titty Play (unlimited)
                            -Buttplug Insertion While I Finger Myself (just 12 available)
                            -Your Ideas

                            Find out more about me and what else I offer at
                            See what I've been sharing lately at

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                     (Lana) Panty Fetish News Thu, 07 Jan 2016 21:34:43 -0600
                              I am excited to announce that the day has finally come, my lovely panty buyers. I am excited to announce that the day has finally come, my lovely panty buyers.

                              I am excited to announce that the day has finally come, my lovely panty buyers. The day you have been waiting for has arrived! For the past year or so, I have been getting requests for nude photo sets and I didn't offer those...Until now!!
                              Starting January 1st, 2016, I will be offering nude photo sets. The photos can be chosen from a collection of mine or you can get them custom, just for your taste. Have a position you like? Let me know and I will do my best to accommodate to your likes. What's the cost you ask?

                              The introductory cost is the same as my other photo sets. So get a full nude set, a sexy lingerie set or mix and match all for the same price!
                              They would be digital copies, unless hard copies are requested (at an extra cost), so there is nothing to ship or wait for in the mail. You would get the link to the Dropbox folder containing your custom photos for your eyes only ;)

                              Email me at to make orders now or ask any questions. I look forward to starting my collection. xo.

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                       (Lady Regina) Panty Fetish News Fri, 08 Jan 2016 04:25:59 -0600