Do you see that ass?
Do you see that little sliver of baby blue covering my delicious pussy?
You want to be right in there.
You want to inhale the scent that's swimming out of that opening.
The mistress grants you permission to come take it.
***My Devine Ovulation week coming up, place your orders now***

Sexy Enhancements:
-Additional days of wear: $5/day
-Playtimed in: $5 (per 24hr period)
-420 Session: $10
-Forgot to wipe P/P: $5
-Sweaty workout: $10
-Shark week stains: $5
--Email me about additional enhancement requests ;)--

•Panties will come bagged in a vaccumed resealable bag, also with a free handwritten note.
•Panties include 5 free pics which will be emailed to you when I mail order out.
Price: $30
Country: USA
I ship oversea
P&P: All items are sent free first-class 2-3day shipping with tracking. (Orders outside the US pays shipping) I will send the tracking numbers as well as a photo of the receipt.
Pay me with: Amazon Vouchers
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Gifts or Cash
No PayPal
Baby blue cotton VF Thong w/picsBaby blue cotton VF Thong w/pics