Mmmmmm, yummy & delicious black nylon socks worn by me personally. These silky black socks will adorn my gorgeous & lickable feet & lollipop toes for 2 full days. They will be perfectly seasoned just for you.

If you would like additional days of wear, add $2 each day.

I always vacuum seal my items to ensure my lovely lady scent remains until you break the seal. I carefully package all items into non-marked mailers, as to keep the contents unknown. Only you & I know the little secret...& I'll never tell ;)
Price: $20
Country: USA
I don't ship oversea
P&P: Shipping is $8 via USPS Priority Mail with tracking...guaranteed delivery in 2-3 days (not including Holidays or weekends)
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Mistress Kimberly's Yummy Nylon SocksMistress Kimberly's Yummy Nylon SocksMistress Kimberly's Yummy Nylon Socks