Fetish News https://pantytrust.com Sun, 25 Jun 2017 08:56:22 -0500 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Kaylee's Summer used panty sale! https://pantytrust.com/news/item/720-kaylees-summer-used-panty-sale.html https://pantytrust.com/news/item/720-kaylees-summer-used-panty-sale.html Kaylee's Summer used panty sale!

School's out & summer is here so it's time to celebrate with a sale!

Now through 7/4 get the following deals:

Buy 1 pair of used panties, get 25% off a second pair.
​Buy 2 pairs of panties and get 1 free.
​Plus, more discounts on bulk orders.
​Buy one get one 50% off socks!

Panties: 2 for $30 (excludes premium panties)

Pantyhose: 20% off list

Socks: 20% off list price

Shoes: 15% off list price

Bras: $5 off of bra of your choice

Clothes/used workout attire: 10% off list price

**Fees for extras, add-ons & shipping still applies.

Free domestic shipping on any orders $30 or more!

Plus, lots of used panties, socks, shoes, bras, and more on sale!

For more info see my classifieds or go to my personal site https://www.kayleespanties.com

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    support@pantytrust.com (Kaylee) Panty Fetish News Wed, 07 Jun 2017 14:00:00 -0500
    I love to treat my used panty lovers https://pantytrust.com/news/item/719-i-love-to-treat-my-used-panty-lovers.html https://pantytrust.com/news/item/719-i-love-to-treat-my-used-panty-lovers.html I love to treat my used panty lovers

    I love to treat my used panty lovers so instead of a flash sale this month I am offering a £5 off deal which will run all through June.

    For June I am offering £5 off ALL lace pairs of underwear on my site. Therefore instead of £20 worn 24 hours, 4 photos and UK delivery I am offering all lace pairs for £15 including all of this. There are over 35 pairs of lace panties and thongs on my site so plenty of choice and you can purchase this offer more than once.

    This offer applies to ALL lace pairs on my site. This includes full knickers, thongs and Brazilian style lace pairs. If there is lace in the title, the offer applies.

    All orders must be paid for on or before 30th June 2017 to qualify for the £5 off.

    When you order at the checkout if their is LACE somewhere in the product title use the code JUNELACE to receive £5 off.

    Check out all my pairs on my site

    or email misssmithxxx@gmail.com

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      support@pantytrust.com (Miss Smith) Panty Fetish News Wed, 07 Jun 2017 07:00:00 -0500
      News: Miss Fiona's Sexy Spring G-String Sale https://pantytrust.com/news/item/701-news-miss-fionas-sexy-spring-g-string-sale.html https://pantytrust.com/news/item/701-news-miss-fionas-sexy-spring-g-string-sale.html News: Miss Fiona's Sexy Spring G-String Sale

      It's that time of year again! Spring has sprung and I'm finally back to wearing my sexy g-strings and thongs under my miniskirts!
      For the entire month of April, all of my G-string and Thong hamper panties will be priced at 2 pairs for $30.

      Place your order before Easter Sunday and GET ONE FREE EXTRA...

      * Additional days wear: +$9/day (up to 5 days) For STRONG scent.

      * “No shower today”: +$5

      * Big, WET, Juicy Orgasm: +$10 (Trust me. Worth EVERY penny!)

      * Pee panties: +$10-15 (slightly wet or VERY wet as per your request.)

      * Ass Flossing: Light wiping +$10. Heavy skid marks +$35.
      ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

      Wanna get to know me better?

      Go here for other sexy items I have for you:
      http://www.pantytrust.com/used-panties-classified/foot-fetish/user/6 54-miss-fiona.html

      Send me a message to place your order before April 30th

      E-mail: iadorefiona@gmail.com

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        support@pantytrust.com (Miss Fiona) Panty Fetish News Tue, 04 Apr 2017 00:06:27 -0500
        Tax refund money burning a hole in your pocket? Check out my bulk specials! https://pantytrust.com/news/item/700-tax-refund-money-burning-a-hole-in-your-pocket?-check-out-my-bulk-specials.html https://pantytrust.com/news/item/700-tax-refund-money-burning-a-hole-in-your-pocket?-check-out-my-bulk-specials.html  Tax refund money burning a hole in your pocket? Check out my bulk specials!

        Hi babies!

        Tax refund money burning a hole in your pocket? Check out my bulk specials!

        Bulk Panty & Socks Specials:
        Make me yours for a full WEEK!
        - Up to 7 PANTIES of your choice for just $100 & you choose the FREE unlimited customizations!
        - Up to 7 pairs of SOCKS of your choice for just $50 & you choose the FREE unlimited customizations!

        Lot of pics included FREE! Vacuum sealing is FREE!
        Shipping is $10 in the US or $20 outside the US (all shipped at once).
        See all my ads: http://www.pantytrust.com/used-panties-classified/foot-fetish/user/346-lana.html
        Easy ordering instructions: http://www.pantytrust.com/lana
        Bulk Video Special:
        See EVERY video on my menu (listed at www.pantytrust.com/lana) - that's 29 total - for just $100! Watch me cum HARD again & again while I satisfy a whole plethora of filthy fetishes! You'll be cumming right along with me for weeks!
        I'll send them all to you via Googledrive (no sign up required) for you to watch instantly!

        Bulk Other Treats Special:
        I've got a ton of other tasty treats available (listed at www.pantytrust.com/lana). Send me a long, naughty list of the treats you crave, and I'll make you an awesome deal!

        Hurry and email me at lanalancier@yahoo.com to get your bulk order started before April is over and these specials end!

        Always wet and ready,

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          support@pantytrust.com (Lana) Panty Fetish News Sat, 01 Apr 2017 06:06:28 -0500
          Flash Sale.. All Panties £14 https://pantytrust.com/news/item/682-news.html https://pantytrust.com/news/item/682-news.html Flash Sale.. All Panties £14

          Flash Sale.. All Panties £14

          I promised when I changed my prices that I would still include some amazing offers... and I intend on keeping that promise.

          From 17th -24th February I will be having a flash sale on my site. all panties will be £14 worn 24 hours rather than my usual selling price of £20. This includes worn 24 hours, masturbated in and worked out in if you would like. It also includes 4 free photos of me wearing and UK delivery (add £5 for outside of the UK)

          This offer is a real treat and what makes it more of a delight is that you can pre order as many pairs as you like for this price. The only condition is that you must pay for these orders on or before 24th Feb. I will be opening my diary up until 31st May to book in orders so you can choose dates well in advance.

          You can also now buy direct from my website using the checkout feature and pay for your order immediately to secure it.

          Check out my pantystore at www.misssmithxxx.co.uk to see what sexy pairs you can have me wearing
          Or email me misssmithxxx@gmail.com

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            support@pantytrust.com (Miss Smith) Panty Fetish News Tue, 21 Feb 2017 19:01:49 -0600