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Goddess Divina

About Me: I am a Texas girl that loves having fun meeting new people, and exploring new fetishes.

About Me: I am a Texas girl that loves having fun meeting new people, and exploring new fetishes. 

I love enjoying life and meeting people who also love to have fun in their own lives.  I cater to many fetishes, including panty, feet, ass worship, shoe, and stocking fetishes, just to name a few.  I love to watch movies, eat out, travel, be outdoors, exercise, go to the beach and shopping.  I love meeting people from all walks of life and can't wait to know more about you.  Come ask me anything, and let me get to know you better, I cant wait!

What I Sell:

Bras and Lingerie
Used Panties
Pantyhose and Stockings
Socks and Foot Fetish items
Mistress Assignments

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Hi Everybody I am a curvy, fun and naughty Latina.  I wear Small or Medium in panties, but in some I wear size 5/6.  If in doubt ask me about sizes of items of clothing. 
I love sharing my panty fetish with people with similar interests and as long as we have mutual respect and honesty, we should get along great!
I go by the name Goddess Divina, I have dark brown hair, but it looks black in most pictures, unless direct sunlight hits it.  I am 5'7" and I weigh 135.  If you have any other questions about me, just ask, I am an open book.  I love food, traveling, shopping, the outdoors, beer, working out, dogs, bacon and music and dancing, and love sexy panties.

Now to answer questions about panties in specific.  I have been selling panties over 15 years.  Now you might ask wow that's a long time, and you are correct.  I first learned about the fetish when I was 18 and then I just started to enjoy it with partners I had and friends who were open about their fetishes, and lastly online when the internet came about , that opened a while new world to me and the panty selling fetish. 

I have many different styles ranging from lace, cotton, silk, satin, with a mix of patterns and colors.

I sell them clean, perfumed, or dirty and played in, and many other options are available just ask me.

Payments I accept and shipping terms:

Payment needs to be makes before I send anything to you.  I ship all items in a discreet plain brown bag or box, it wont describe the contents inside. 
I prefer to ship in the USA, depending on the individual I might consider shipping overseas and International.
I will ship panties in a air tight bag, and will include a thank you note specially dedicated to you. 
Each order of panties will receive 5 pictures of me wearing them and a 5minute video of me wearing them and modeling them.

Options of more pictures and longer video can be arranged.

1. Amazon Gift cards or any other gift cards just discuss with me where to send them and I will provide my email.

Refunds Policy:

Because of the intimate nature of the panties, money refunds cannot be made, but I can make other arrangements by sending a replacement pair of panties, or some other for of compensation like a video or pictures.  This can be discussed in private with the individual on a one on one basis.


Lost Parcels:

I will send all items with a tracking number that way I can track when it reaches its destination, and you can track approximately when it will arrive to you.  I cannot be held responsible if the item doesn't reach the destination due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.  But I assure you I will try my best to make sure you get the items you paid for and help you track their whereabouts.

Payment Terms:Amazon Gift Cards or vouchers

Shipping Terms:$10 shipping unless you want faster shipping then price will be discussed.

Refund Policy:No refunds are made due to the intimate nature of the items.

Lost Parcel Policy:I am not responsible for lost items, but will gladly help you track them or replace them, if I can.

No PayPal