I've Come Across Negative Opinions About Panty Trust, Why?

You may find that most of these negative options come from people who have never used or joined the organization.

We are a 13 years old consumer advocacy organization that promotes trust on the internet, over the past 13 years we have had to revoke a few memberships or deny membership to applicants that don't meet expected standards of selling.  This sometimes results in frustrated, disgruntled people sowing sour grapes.

Our services better the experience of all used panties buying and selling by setting the bar for expected service standards.  Most people would be hard-pressed to come up with an explanation of how anyone could find our mission to be a negative thing as it is essentially saying that you are against fairness and honesty in the Adults Only business scene.

Our existence does bite into the profits of scammers, and the success of the "competition" causes frustration for them.

If you are interested in what our actual Members say about us, please read their Testimonials.

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