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  • Maroon Used Cotton Panties Maroon Used Cotton Panties Typically worn 2 days to your desired scent but open to longer wear. Sexy Victoria Secret cheekies with lace trim that fit snug against my skin.[…]

  • White Polyester Worn Body Suit White Polyester Worn Body Suit Sexy and form fitting body suit that could capture numerous scents. The gusset area has snaps and smooth fabric that would capture sweet juices. Zipper[…]

  • Flower Used Panties Cheekies Flower Used Panties Cheekies Typically worn 2 days to your desired scent but open to longer wear. Sexy Victoria Secret cheekies that fit snug against my skin. I follow any[…]


Marilyn Monroe

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  • Age: +18
  • Country: Canada
  • Email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Smoker: No
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About Me: Sweet and kind Canadian blond panty seller. Girl next door with a great sense of humor who loves to be adored by gentlemen.

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Sweet and kind Canadian blond. Girl next door with a great sense of humor who loves to be adored by gentlemen. I love erotic photography and I work hard at keeping a toned body. I am very open to any requests and I always ensure I can deliver before any payment is accepted. I always welcome discussion to ensure that we both are happy with the outcome of any transaction.

Please note I am not interested in meeting anyone in person and this is against panty trust rules. I am friendly and approachable but please be mindful of the nature of this online experience.

What I Sell:

PantyHose and Stockings
Used Panties
Bras and Lingerie
Socks and Foot Fetish items

Payment Terms:Payment via gift card only. I can send the link and I receive a payment in mintues. The site automatically converts your currency to Canadian.
Any products requested are paid for in advance to hold the item. Any prices are quoted in Canadian dollars.

Shipping Terms: Panties worn to your desired scent 30 Canadian dollars for 2 days wear. No extra charge for scent preference - free shipping in Canada. All orders sent discretely and vacuum sealed.
Will ship international but add 15 Canadian dollars for ship to USA and 20 Canadian dollars for ship to Europe. 5 dollars per extra day of wear - I do not typically go beyond 3 days total.

I very much welcome as much detail as you can give me regarding what you want whether it is panty wear, photos or video. The more detail I have the more I can tailor something to you. I very much strive to tailor your experience so at times it may seem I ask a lot of questions.

I often have more selection for panties than what is posted so do ask if you are looking for something in particular. I try to select panties that are good for holding scent.

I send a free pic for proof of wear on the first day of wear, pics of the appearance of your panty during the wear if wanted and I will send you a free pic of your parcel and/or tracking number so you know it is being sent. (via email or Kik). These photos are all included in the original price. 
KIK: Msmonroe932

Custom video 3 dollars per minute - It is variable when I can perform these and therefore I ask for discussion prior to my taking any money or accepting the task. As with everything I try very hard to provide what you want and therefore I will talk with you in advance and be honest regarding whether or not I can provide what you want. Videos HD. I do not show full face but you will see my mouth and hear my voice. Videos sent via google drive link.

Custom photos: 2 dollars a pic and HD. No full face. These honestly are my favorite so I welcome your ideas. Can be full nude or lingerie etc. Can be sent email or KIK.

Refund Policy:

Sorry no refunds for a received product. Any lost items or technical issues by all means let me know and we can discuss.

Lost Parcel Policy:

This has only happened to me once and I provided a replacement. Always message me if this occurs.

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