Tuesday, 13 January 2015 19:11

News: I'd like to let you know about new website

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News: This is Angie, I'd like to let you know about new website

I'd like to let you know about my my all-new website and all-new offer, which I hope you will like :) Here are some important changes I have made:

* All panties are now £7 off and cost only £15
* The prices of all lingerie, sexy outfits, skirts, dresses and foot fetish items went down considerably
* My Skype Dates are also cheaper now
* You can now book me to be your WhatsApp girlfriend through my WhatsApp GFE
* I now offer PussyPops and AssPops. Not sure what they are? Well, have a look! :)
* I now offer Hair Fetish items
* I also have some Extra Naughty items if you're up for it!
* I have a new special section for Satin lovers
* I have introduced VIP Status, so that you will get extra rewards if you become my Gold, Platinum or Diamond VIP
* I have a lot of new extras to go with my panties, such as 'Stuffed In My Pussy' or 'Soaked in my Pee'
* And by the way, the prices of all my extras went down, including extra days wear!

You will agree, that's a lot of changes :)

I hope you will find something you like at Angie's: http://glampanties.wordpress.com