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Join my Panty Club and Save Money!

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News: Join my Panty Club and Save Money!

Thank You very much for Your interest in my Used Panties Panty Club, let me explain what it is all about.

First of all, my Panty Club is about saving lots of money on used panties and other things on my website. Depending on your Membership Plan, each month you will get one or two pairs of my used panties prepared the way you like them. You will also get:

- Discount on used panties and everything else on my website, which reaches 50% in month 11
- Lots of bonuses like free used panties, video clips, photo sets and pussy/asspops
- A free GIFT of your choice in month 12 to the amount of £30
- Vouchers to spend in my GlamStore – you can accumulate them over time!

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By this point you may be thinking that this is a standard Membership scheme in which you pay every month and get some stuff in return. Well, it’s really NOT. You see, the idea of Panty Club is to save You money on used panties – yes. But it is much more than that.

Most importantly, it is also an opportunity for me to meet interesting and valuable people who share my passion for used panties and used lingerie of the highest quality. Have you ever been to a nightclub where they admit everyone who shows up at the door? Did You really enjoy the company of people there? Were they all classy and well-behaved? I guess not.

You see, my Panty Club is like a different kind of nightclub – the one where only classy and well-mannered people are admitted, so that everyone can truly enjoy their time! If you know how to speak to a lady, have a sense of humour and think that we would enjoy each other’s virtual company, then please get in touch! I can’t wait to hear from you and I am sure you will enjoy being a Member.

In return, in addition to all the things listed on the chart below, I will also offer you my respect and admiration. I truly enjoy the company of my Panty Lovers and I hope you are one of them!

So by now you can see how my Panty Club is different from your standard type of website Membership. Here, I would also like something in return! I want the company of a true Panty Lover who is well-mannered, respectful and fun to be with! Nothing works on me more than a good sense of humour! :)

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