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New Videos & Photo Sets!

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New Videos & Photo Sets!

I had a lot of wet, hot, cumtastic fun over the past year and a lot of it was captured in my videos & photo sets! So to help ring in the new year, I'm offering up some brand new ones to keep us both cumming over & over:

Video Menu
I love bringing your fantasies to life! Here's how it works: The videos are 1080p HD - high quality so you can see every dirty detail! They can be up to 11 mins each (I can make longer vids – they'll just need to be split up). I send them to your email address via Googledrive (no sign up required) for you to watch instantly & re-watch!

Feel free to download to keep them forever! It's super easy! What I have available for you so far is listed below, but keep checking back, as I'll be updating frequently! (Times are approximate.)
-Getting ready to shop for panties without panties on in the car (shows pussy rubbing) [1 min]: $3
-Playing w/ my big tits in the car [1 min]: $3
-Dirty talking masturbation w/ my fingers in the car w/ loud orgasm [11 min]: $22
-Sitting on your face twice (second time w/ pussy spread): [1 min]: $3
-Stuffing a panty in my pussy (starts w/ panty in), pulling it out & peeing with it on [2 min]: $6
-Naked & holding a panty then stuffing panty deep in my pussy & pulling out [2 min]: $6
-Black thong pulled aside, masturbating w/ toy in bed w/ music on til I orgasm [3 min]: $9
-Rubbing a black thong on my pussy post-orgasm & stuffing it inside [1 min]: $3
-Cotton swatch stuffed in my pussy [2 min]: $6
-Chapstick application to my mouth & pussy [2 min]: $6
-Wiggling my hot little ass & spanking myself [1 min]: $3
-Spitting into a vial [2 min]: $6
-Peeing my jean shorts & panties then masturbating my pissy pussy with my fingers & vibrator til I cum loudly [7 min]: $21
-Peeing into a clear pitcher [1 min]: $3
-Peeing into a vial on the toilet [1 min]: $3
-Cotton swatch wipe after a poo, no TP used [1 min]: $3
-Wiping my ass w/ a pissy panty right after a poo [1 min]: $3
-Wiping my ass w/ TP right after a poo [1 min]: $3
-Rubbing my white cotton panty into my asshole & peeing through it [2 min]: $6
-Pooping & peeing in the shower (shows poop coming out) [1 min]: $3
-Making an asspop (putting a lollipop in my asshole) [1 min]: $3
-Sissy reward (masturbation & creamy middle finger) [2 min]: $6
-Silent panty snap [half min]: $3
-Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: Alpha Male cum in a condom [2 min]: $6
-Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: spit, pussy chapstick, pissy leggings, pussypops, panties [6 min]: $18
-Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: shitty toilet paper, pee, pussypop [4 min]: $12
-Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: sports bra [1 min]: $3
-Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: big shit [4 min]: $12
-Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: panty, pisspop, asspop [2 min]: $6
-Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: Thanksgiving panty & pussypop [3 min]: $9

Custom Videos
Something you'd like to see that isn't on the menu yet? Tell me all about it! I love to indulge a rainbow of fetishes, so don't be shy!
If it's something that I can re-use (that I think others will want to watch too and I don't already have something similar), it will be $3-$5 per minute.*
For something I can't re-use (saying your name in the vid or if it's similar to vids I already have on the menu), it will be $5-$10 per minute.*
*It's usually cheaper per minute for longer vids. Also please keep in mind that I don't fake orgasms for videos. So if you want to see me cum in your vid, ask for it to be at least 10 minutes long.
*These costs do not apply to elaborate vids or those requiring considerable preparation, such as cosplay (where I need to buy a costume, apply face/body paint, learn what lines the character says, create props, etc.).
And yes, I love doing filth instruction vids telling you exactly what to do with the tasty treats you've ordered! These are $10 per treat for 1-2 treats, or $5 per treat for 3 or more treats.
My only limits so far are that I don't show my full face and I won't put anything bigger than a lollypop inside my fine ass.
Photo Sets
I've got some steamy photo sets you're going to love! Select from the following or talk to me about ideas for something custom! Whether existing or custom, I usually ask 50 cents each for non-nude and $1 each for nude, with a $10 minimum. All sent directly to you via email. No zipped files, just easy to open & view hi res pics that you can keep forever!
-Naked Sitting, Bent Over, Laying on Front, Laying on Back, Standing Over You (6)
-Masturbating (unlimited)
-Pantystuffing (unlimited)
-Fucking/Cream Pie Panties (unlimited)
-Huge Load Used Condom on Alphacock, Me Playing w/ It & My Pussy (24)
-Lollypops Going in My Pussy/Ass/Peed On (unlimited)
-Titty Play (unlimited)
-Buttplug Insertion While I Finger Myself (just 12 available)
-Your Ideas

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