I love these cropped yoga pants/leggings from PINK! They're super cute and make my ass look great. I've worn them so much over the last couple years that they have a small hole on the ass so now they're up for grabs!

Pants come having been worn during a 30-60 minute cardio workout
No panties are an additional $5.
Additional workouts with panties are an extra $5 per workout (up to a total of 5 workouts).
Additional workouts without panties are an extra $10 per workout (up to a total of 5 workouts).

Plus, when you order, you get 5 free pics of me showing off the pants for you!

Email me at kaylee.by.night@gmail.com to order and talk extras.

Can't wait to hear from you ;)
Price: $20
Country: USA
I ship oversea
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USPS Priority Mail-$9 shipping fee (guaranteed delivery in 2 days) anywhere in the U.S.
Once I have shipped your order, I will send you a confirmation email with the tracking number and expected delivery date.
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Well worn cropped yoga pants & pics!Well worn cropped yoga pants & pics!