White Lace ALWAYS makes me feel special. Lady-like and refined, stylish and sweet . . . but still naughty! And the lovely white floral embroidery and, completely see-thru panelling, always makes my nipples feel sensitive . . . and quickly erect . . . whenever I strap it on. And I’m sure it will have the same affect on you when you wrap it around yourself, whichever part of yourself you wrap it around!I’m a 34B, but I’m sure you’ll LOVE the feel of white lace against your skin from the moment you unwrap and slide it from my tissue wrapping! Enjoy!!!
Price: £5
Country: UK
I ship oversea
P&P: Wrapped lovingly in tissue & then slid into a ziplock plastic bag (to keep my scents warm and fresh!!!) and then discreetly inserted into a Jiffy Postal Envelope.
Posted Free First-Class UK delivery within 3 days of your order.
Or via UK First Class Recorded Delivery £4.
Or for International Tracked Postage £12.
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White Lace See-Thru BraWhite Lace See-Thru BraWhite Lace See-Thru Bra