Can you handle panties worn by a beautiful Mistress?

I know you should try ;)

I will wear this sexy, black Victoria's Secret, hiphugger panty just for you for a full 48 hours. I will be at my office, at home, the gym, etc. You will be with me everywhere I go.

Want to customize you panties? Just ask! I offer many add-ons ;)

Need to know more or have a request? Email me

I always vacuum seal my items to ensure my lovely lady scent remains until you break the seal. I carefully package all items into non-marked mailers, as to keep the contents unknown. Only you & I know the little secret...& I'll never tell ;)
I ship oversea
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Country: US
Price: $40
Postage & Shipping: $4 USPS First Class shipping/$8 Priority, both with tracking. International orders, email me for rates.
Country: USA
Mistress Kimberly's Hiphugger PantyMistress Kimberly's Hiphugger Panty