This sexy soft thong slides beautifully between my sexy soft lips, and absorbs all the sweet smells and tastes of my beautiful lady parts.
I'll wear your thong for a full 24 hours, beginning with my morning workout, through a full work day and yoga class, and finally, I'll wear it to bed where it will soak up all my juices. In the morning I'll seal your thong and send it off, post haste.

Cost $20
$5 each extra day of wear
$5 for masturbating in panties
$10 for having sex in panties
$10 Photo verification of activities
I accept: Amazon Gift Vouchers
Gifts or Cash
No PayPal
Country: USA
Price: $20
Postage & Shipping: Shipped via USPS First Class in the United States, $10
Worn satin lace trimmed thongWorn satin lace trimmed thongWorn satin lace trimmed thong