Typically worn 2 days to your desired scent but open to longer wear. Sexy feminine pink cheeky panties that fit snug against my skin. I follow any instructions for wear very closely. Vacuum sealed and sent discretely. I typically do not wear beyond 3 days. I accept gifts in the form of amazon.ca gift cards. I ask for gifts to pay for shipping unless sent to a Canadian location. All shipping out of country includes a tracking number.
Size S. 95% cotton and cotton gusset. Lace trim. Solid dark pink color.
I ship oversea
I accept: Amazon Gift Vouchers
No PayPal
Country: Canada
Price: $25
Postage & Shipping: Free in Canada
15 Dollars Canadian to USA
20 dollars Canadian to Europe
Email: msmonroe932@gmail.com
Used Victoria Secret Pink CheekyUsed Victoria Secret Pink Cheeky