The Luck O' The Irish can be with you, when you buy this used green thong. I'm an Irish girl, through and through, and I'll wear this snug little thong up agains my sweet lady parts for at least 24 hours. I'll slide into it first thing in the morning and wear it to the gym before work. Then, I'll wear it all day under my stockings and skirt. I'll wear it to my evening yoga class, and during my lunchtime run. Finally, your G-String will slide into my damp, sweet crack all night long. In the morning, I'll slide it off, seal it up and ship it straight to you.

Cost: $20

$5 each extra day of wear
$5 for masturbating in G-String
$10 for having sex while wearing G-String
$10 for photo set of me wearing G-String
I accept: Amazon Gift Vouchers
Gifts or Cash
No PayPal
Country: USA
Price: $20
Postage & Shipping: Shipped via USPS, First Class, in the United States, $10.
Worn Lucky Green G-StringWorn Lucky Green G-StringWorn Lucky Green G-String