Look at my hips, this pair of #dirtypanties wrap them more than nicely. My fluids have been retained so well on these smooth #usedpanties, that sniffing them will guarantee your climax.
The price includes 24 hours of use, a personal handwritten letter, and 3 pictures of me wearing the panties. ( the pictures will be sent by email )

+10€ per day of use (up to 3 days)
+ 5€ played in
+ 20€ worn during and after sex

For further information, please visit my profile, and check out the rest of my spicy panties

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My email: Email: myhoneyandthismoon@gmail.com
Price: 20€
Country: iconfinder_ES_167771.png
✈️ I ship worldwide
I accept: Amazon Gift Vouchers
No PayPal
Postage & Shipping: Free to Spain
+ 5€ out of Spain.
Sorry I don't deliver to Canada.

Please note the delivery is not tracked. If you need a special request about any particular shipment method, please let me know and we can discuss it.

The item will be vacuum sealed in order to keep my scents fresh and naughty all along the way. It is sent within a discreet bubble envelope via regular mail in any case. (Spain and overseas )
Silky grey used pantySilky grey used panty