I've had these panties for years, and they have been well-loved! Order these panties, and I'll get them filthy for you for a minimum of 24 hours.

My panties are priced at a $30 flat-rate for 24-hour wear. Two pictures of me wearing your panties are included!
The following "add-ons" are available:
• Creampie: $15 extra
• Extra day of wear: $10 (max wear is 3 days)
• Work-out: $10
• Pee scent: $5
• Masturbated in: $5
I've always been a people pleaser ;) Message me if you have any special requests, and I'll do my best to accommodate them!
Price: $30
Country: USA
I don't ship oversea
P&P: All orders will be discreetly packaged. Items will be sealed in a Ziploc baggie and placed inside of a small bubble envelope immediately after wearing. I only ship orders within the US. I ship orders with tracking for free using First Class mail. Delivery typically takes 3-6 days and does not require a signature.
Pay me with: Amazon Vouchers
No PayPal
Well-Worn Tan VS Panties!Well-Worn Tan VS Panties!