Do You Deserve Something Extraordinary?

I found this gorgeous little treasure at a lovely boutique in Paris last year. Since then, the red HOT color has inspired all kinds of naughty behavior. Would you like to see how dirty I can get?

Panties in my PRIMA DONNA Luxury collection come with TWO FULL DAYS of wear, ONE "extra" of your choosing, and FREE USPS Priority Shipping!

* Additional days wear : +$9/day (up to 5 days) For STRONG scent.
* “No shower today”: +$5
* Big, WET, Juicy Orgasm: +$10 (Trust me. Worth EVERY penny!)
* Pee panties: +$10-15 (slightly wet or VERY wet as per your request.)
* Ass Flossing: Light wiping +$10. Heavy skid marks +$35.
* Period Panties: +$15
Would you like to get to know me better?

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Price: $99
Country: USA
I ship oversea
P&P: YES---I SHIP INTERNATIONALLY! Prices & delivery times dependent upon location. (E-mail for details.)

FREE shipping on U.S. orders of $25. $3 for smaller orders. (USPS 2-4 day delivery with insurance and tracking#)

All items are Ziploc sealed and mailed DISCREETLY in a plain white water, tear and puncture resistant poly envelope.
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The PRIMA DONNA "Ruby" G-stringThe PRIMA DONNA "Ruby" G-stringThe PRIMA DONNA "Ruby" G-string