These knee high socks are made of thick cotton & get my feet all sweaty and stinky. You wanna sniff?

Socks come worn for 2 days.

Additional days are an extra $5 per day (up to a total of 7 days).

I will start wearing the socks within 24 hours of receiving payment, unless I tell you otherwise. Once I remove them, they will be vacuum sealed and placed in a plain, nondescript scotch packaging envelope and sent to you that day.

Plus, when you order, you get 5 free pics of me showing off the socks for you and of my sexy bare feet!

Email me at to order and talk other extras.

Can't wait to hear from you ;)
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Country: USA
Price: $15
Postage & Shipping: Ask me about how to get free shipping!
$5 shipping fee anywhere in the US (shipped via USPS First Class. Expected delivery 3-5 days)
Email me about international shipping fees.
Country: USA
knee high socks worn 2+days & pics