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These #dirtysocks are over the knee and always make me feel deliciously naughty.
They remind me of my days at catholic school, the breeze under my skirt and between my thighs. The hot scent of the sweaty socks as I took my school shoes off when I got home.

I'll wear them for 48hrs without showering, but I can wear them for a lot longer, just ask! x

They also come with one photo of me wearing them per day of wear. If you would like extra photos, again, just ask! :)

*Please add £5 for each of the following:

*Each extra day(s) of wear
*Sweaty workouts

*I'm open to all extras so please email me x

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Postage & Shipping: These scented socks will be sent to you, for free, by standard post anywhere in the world or with a tracking number for £5.

Delivery will take 2-5 days to Ireland/UK but can take longer to reach USA/RoW
Dirty Knee SocksDirty Knee SocksDirty Knee Socks