Do you have a #FootFetish? These #BlackCatBabies would be a wonderful addition to your collection. These tightly fitting, thick and comfy socks are SO warm and collect all my sweaty goodness. If you knew how many lives they’ve had, you’d be begging to take these pretty kitties off my feet ;)

My price of $15 includes a full 24 hours of wear time and a photo for each day worn. Socks will be vacuum-sealed immediately after use and placed in discreet packaging.

Additional Pleasantries:
- Worn for additional day ($5/day)
- Worn during sex ($5)
- Worked out in ($5)
- Additional photos ($1/each)
- Videos ($5-$10, depending on inquiry)

I am also open to inquiries based on your personal preference(s), please email me with any questions :)

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Price: $15
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Postage & Shipping: Domestic U.S. shipping cost is $5. This item will be shipped via USPS when last day of the order has been completed, and will arrive 3-5 days after shipping. Tracking information will be provided after shipment is dropped off.

International shipping cost will vary depending on the country, please email me for a quote and estimated delivery schedule.
Dirty Kitty SocksDirty Kitty SocksDirty Kitty Socks