Adult Schoolgirl #Sissy : Cotton Cable #usedtights in black.
It’s cold outside and these heavy-footed cable tights with old fashioned high waist and comfortable gusset keep all of me warm and cozy in all the right places. I look just so going to the big public library: tweed skirt, cables and coquettish ankle boots. People often think I am one of the librarians for my intellectual appearance and competent, educated manner. Often though these schoolgirl tights prove a tiny bit too warm especially when indoors with the heat turned to the max. Sweating in the groin area and inner thighs reminds me I am also moist. A pleasurable feeling spreads for I start feeling warm and inviting…so feminine.
And this is how little sissy librarian gurls feel when the Mistress instructs them in manners and proper behavior, walking demurely down the street, books hugged to their bosom.

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Sissy Bi Cable TightsSissy Bi Cable TightsSissy Bi Cable Tights