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Panty Trust
has been promoting used panties, safety, trust, high ethical standards, and integrity within the fetish community since 2001.

Today, we remain the top ranking panty fetish website on the internet, and operate the same member-owned advocacy and verification organization dedicated to those same values. We independently verify every seller we promote, assist with marketing and promotion, and share our combined years of experience in the personal fetish business selling used panties, bras, pantyhose, stockings, socks, and shoes.

Buyers of used panties will find our directory of independent sellers to be authentic fetish enthusiasts, as well as reliable and dependable businesswomen.

When buying used panties at Panty Trust, you can rest assured that our verified used panty sellers have all been vetted and are regularly evaluated to the highest degree of professionalism. We offer buyers support and mediation services that are unparalleled in the fetish industry.

We love the adult fetish community, which is why we volunteer our time and energy maintaining this community and providing our unique suite of services. If you’re interested in selling your used panties, are willing to treat your customers with a high degree of respect, and are determined to take your business seriously, we invite you to join us, and you will receive:

Support and Education on the Adult Fetish Industry
Safety Advice and Professional Information
Ethical Guidelines and Standards to Aim for
Independent Verification your Customers will Appreciate
Conflict and Dispute Resolution Services.

We want our buyers to feel confident about their purchases and we want our sellers to be truly engaged members of the fetish community. With Panty Trust, everyone wins, because we’re a community based on the philosophy that ethics and authenticity are the basis of a mutually satisfying business transaction.

We’re here for the mutual benefit of our sellers and buyers, and you can count on us to come through for you and offer support whether you’re interested in selling used panties, or want to buy used panties from an independently verified seller.



What Do We Verify?

Our organization verifies that panty sellers who display our Verified seal are genuine verified members.

Our memberships are only ever granted to independent female panty sellers who have proven to understand the importance of our Code of Conduct, and therefore are committed to promote ethical and professional selling.

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Our Newest Members

Im Seductress,  a 22 year old student from the fun sunshine state

About Me: I'm Lady Godiva, an 18 year old student nurse selling my used panties, bras, and foot-fetish items.

About Me: I'm Renee, I am a passionate girl who loves an adventure! Although I prefer women, I am bisexual.

About Me: I'm Agent Eve, I 've always wanted to sell my panties on line

About Me: I'm Acacia Jade, I want to play in my panties just the way you like

I'm RollerGirl : A hot blooded and horny, sensual and sexy woman

About Me: I'm Danielle, I sell my used knickers with my friend Debbie

About Me: I'm Debbie, I sell my used knickers with my friend Danielle

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