Welcome to Panty Trust

Panty Trust is members run non-profit advocacy and verification organization for the used panties and fetish industry. We provide free verification, promote independent sellers, their websites, and their classifieds.
Panty Trust and its members promote sales and trust between panty buyers and sellers of used panties, bras, pantyhose, stockings, socks, shoes, and other personal fetish items through education, third party verification and dispute resolution services, fair business practices, and a code of ethical conduct.

While the Panty Trust organization has grown significantly in membership, service, and scope since its early days in 2001, Panty Trust remains true to the vision of its founding members and remains an entirely volunteer, member owned and run organization focused on promoting trust where fetish items are sold.

Use of our complete line of services is encouraged for all adults in the used panties community to make your buying or selling of panties and fetish items safer and more satisfying.


What Do We Verify

With our free verification, Panty Trust verifies that people displaying our Verified seal are genuine members. 
Our only aim is to verify that a seller meets our organization merits and offering memberships to independent female fetish sellers who are willing to follow our Code of Conduct.

In many ways, Panty Trust is just like any other adult fetish website, but it is important to us, to our buyers and contributors to be able to verify that a member understands our ethos, and that she is committed to ethical and professional selling.

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Our Newest Members

 I'm Toni Hartt, I sell Used Panties, Clothing & Lingerie & Fetish Model & Web Page Feature Model

Hello there, I'm November. I'm a Dominant BBW Used Panties Seller with a slight nerdy side.

Hi... I'm willow from Wales in the UK. I am a tall, slim submissive girl.

I'm Tammie, a sassy and sweet used panties seller.

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