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  • Very shiny and slightly silky, the bf always has his hand up my skirt stroking his hand across my pussy...

  • Here are my nautical panties, I wore these under my little sailor dress a few weeks ago and I knew...


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  • Age: 28
  • Country: UK
  • Email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Smoker: No
  • Status: Active


About Me

Can I tell you a secret? 
Ever since my teens I've delighted in those intensely private, personal aromas that emanate from my intimate places. It always seemed intriguing that my knickers took on a distinct glow, a little dampness, minutes after I dressed, no matter how often or how assiduously I showered. 
And I always enjoyed the way I could increase the dampness, the fragrance, by thinking certain naughty thoughts, or even just seeing something that please me - the curve of a bicep, a trim muscular behind.

My girlfriends often seemed embarrassed by the smells their bodies produced: to me they seemed an essential part of womanhood, part of my vibrancy, proof of my passions! And when I entered my first relationship, I enjoyed discovering how the fragrance changed, subtly yet completely, when my boyfriend touched me there, or there.

What I Sell 

Used panties stockings, tights ( soon) negligees, the odd skirt, and shoes in the future.

Payments I accept and shipping terms
Shipping and Payment terms, Direct bank transfer, amazon vouchers, cash or cheque.

Refunds Policy:
Refunds are not offered due to the nature of the items for sale. If the item is not what you expected please contact me via email providing as much detail as possible. If this is the case I will try my best to resolve the problem.

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