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PENELOPE - The Most Active BBW Seller in the Panty Fetish Community

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I hope to maybe wear a pair for you at some point and create a pair to perfection just for you!

Email: penelopesusedpanties@ymail.com
Website: www.penelopesusedpanties.com
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Member since November 2010

Hi, Iím Penelope. Iím a 24 year-old curvaceous BBW and have been selling my panties on my website since September 2010!

I love prepairing a pair of panties for my buyers. I offer a very high level of customer service, You aren't just getting a pair of panties from me, you are having one of the most sexual and thrilling panty experiences you could EVER have with any panty seller.

On my website it gives you the most options for customizing that perfect pair of panties so you walk away with the most mindblowing pair!

I cater for all types of panty fetishes. If you like them worn for 1 day upto 7 days, If you like them heavily stained, or simply wish me to cum in them over and over. If you like arse stains or have the panties pee'd in or even to have a sweaty pair where I have been to the gym, Nothing is too much trouble and I am more then happy to go that extra mile each and every time ensuring you come back for another pair ! :)

If you still aren't sure you should perhaps visit my website and have a look around, I have recently started selling Used Socks and Bra's and you will be able to customize those to your liking also. Knowing my customers will be having lots of fun with my panties, I like them to view my X- Rated gallery and help show them what they can expect, What i'll be doing with their panty order and how hot I look doing it for them! Not only can you see every inch of me in my Gallery, But you can read all about me in my Blog where I post daily things that happen to me, or notify my fans about sepcial offers and competitions! One of my favourite pages on my site is my Panty Men page where I encourage all my buyers to send me pics of them in my panties or cumming all over them. It drives me wild and I hope to have a picture of you in a pair soon! :)


As a huge fan of giving away freebies and doing competitions on my site, I would like to invite you to take part in my Monthly Panty Draw where I give away 2 free pair of panties each month. 1 goes to one of my subscribers, and 1 goes to a commenter for that month.

HOW TO WIN THE SUBSCRIPTION PAIR? : - It's easy! Just go to my website and enter your email in the subscription box in the top left corner and Each month your email will automatically be put into a draw to win a free pair of panties! It's that simple!

HOW TO WIN THE COMMENT PAIR? : - By subscribing to my site as explained above, you will then get an email every time I update my blog, If you comment on each blog, this will enter your name into the draw more times ensuring you better odds in winning the commenter of the month pair!


For all of 2012 I gave away a strip of raffle tickets to each customer with their panty order so that come December, Each day from the 1st till the 24th I will be drawing out a raffle ticket and wearing that pair for free for that customer! It's my way of saying thankyou for buying with me for the year and I hope you continue to buy from me next year!


Check out all my FEEDBACK, over 80+ Positive comments telling you what kinda panties and great service they recieved with me!



I am a member at Panty Trust , promoting Honest Sales, Great communication and above all else, Genuine Panties. I help as a Volunteer, offering my time and experience to other panty sellers.
Please feel free to email me at Penelope@pantytrust.org

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