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Panty Trust has over 1400 members, however, sellers do often take breaks from the fetish scene.

Panty Trust does its best to keep buyers informed by keeping the below list of members as up-to-date as possible, and by removing profiles when members are on vacation, taking an indefinite leave, or no longer sell.  Also you can check their current Status by visiting the profile.

If you encounter an inactive panty seller, a profile with broken links, or receive no response from a member, please report them here.

If you notice someone on the web using our 'Panty Trust Verified' seal but they don't have a profile on this list of sellers, they are not members of Panty Trust. Please report the website here.

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Hi!:) I am a sexy petite office worker,but at night my kinky side comes out

I am a recent college grad starting work and pursuing my Master's at just 22!

Hi, Im a curvaceous bouncing beauty who many boys call Goddess

I'm Button, I am a sweet but filthy petite Asian panty girl who loves getting men off with my aroma and juices.

My passions are to soak my panties mostly but I am recently getting into foot and nylon fetish as well.

My name is Lita Hughes and I love the thought of being able to share my used panties with you.

I enjoy wearing my sexy underwear under my suit all day

I’m a beautiful, Afro-Brazilian, curvy, lover of sensuality and beauty.  

Hey, I'm Nikki, a 24 year old recent college grad that loves to explore my sexuality.

I love the fact that I am able to help others explore their fetishes & fantasies.

Hi, Im Maeve. Im sassy, classy and a bit smart assy

I am a very sweet girl yet very naughty in bed so a spanking is often necessary.

I'm super shy but I love to be bad in the bedroom.

I'm Tammie, a sassy and sweet camgirl and clipmaker selling my panties, bras, socks, pantyhose, and more.

I've always been fascinated by the smell of my panties

Hi, I'm Fae! I'm a slim, 18 year old redhead living in the UK.

Hi! My name is Maria. I'm a 21 year-old college student looking for a little fun.

I'm Jen, the sexy girl next door who loves selling dirty panties

I'm Miss Smith, 25 year old panty seller, qualified teacher, and webcam performer from the UK.

I love wearing beautiful underwear and stockings as it makes me feel like a Goddess.

I am a London housewife, mother, swinger, hotwife and recently in my spare-time a Femdom Mistress

I love the idea of you holding something I've worn, allowing you to take in the intoxicating smell of my aroma and lingering taste of my juices.

I'm a fetish model, dominatrix, camgirl and amateur porn actress. My speciality is Femdom.

Adventurous theatre student in sophomore year of college

I'm Jessica, a sexy dance student from England selling my used panties

 I'm 31 and I've never been so horny or tasted so delicious in my life.

I've been described as looking like a "sexy librarian", a description which I love.

I'm a petite college cheerleader with a naughty side.

My naughty needs are insatiable. Being naked is my favorite, but I can never resist a pair of pretty panties. I am eager to send mine off to be enjoyed by others!

I love to buy pretty panties and I have so many they won't fit in my dresser!

I'm a curvy panty seller with a huge sex drive! I love selling my used panties and find it such a turn on to know what you get up to with my creamy panties...

You’ll see that my body is soft, curvy and beautifully feminine with full rounded buttocks

I get most horny when I am in public and nobody knows. I always masterbate through my underwear because I like using a vibrator

I'm a pretty mean cook, feline enthusiast, and hopeless romantic

I am naturally dominant, so love a submissive guy.

About Me: I'm Regina, I love sex and enjoy my sensuality to the fullest and will get my panties nice and wet

I'm a 30 year old executive from Canada with a very naughty side.

I am extremely open minded and do whatever it takes to make sure you are getting exactly what you desire

I'm Portia, a sweet, sophisticated lady who loves selling used panties and lingerie.

Hi, i'm Aaliyah, a 22yr old bisexual brunette with a very naughty side!

I love the idea of making you my panty slave.

Hi, I'm Roxy Rose. I'm petite with a lot of attitude and little crazy on the side.

Hey!  I'm Dakota, 5'9" with green eyes, 36C boobs, size 10-12 body and loooong silky legs ;) 

Hi my name is Maya and I am very confident of my sexy body.

Hi! My name is Candid Candace! I enjoy getting spanked and told what to do

I'm a Pro and Lifestyle Dominatrix and Freak

I love men enjoying my used panties. I found out about men who adore used panties from an ex-lover, who was always stealing my panties to sell at work.

My name is Mistress Esme I am a beautiful Pro Dominant based in London

My Name is Haper Raine. My panties are "always" wet because  I love being watched.

I adore to wear lingerie. My biggest fantasies and kinks are role playing and dressing up

About Me: I'm Lady Godiva, a 20 year old student who secretly sells her worn underwear.

 About Me: I'm Lana, This model loves playing in her lingerie!

If you do it only for the money, it will suck the fun out of it. If you are doing it to satisfy your fetish, than come and give me a hug.

Accomplished young lady looking to let loose and have some dirty fun 

I am a young athletic female who loves to have fun and is very in touch with her sexuality.

I simply love wearing beautiful lingerie for work and play