acacia Lastra

 From Canada I am a professional, shy, student during the day but in the bedroom and in my own time I love letting loose and getting kinky.

I am a professional, shy, student during the day but in the bedroom and in my own time I love letting loose and getting kinky.

I'm 5'6 and have long legs, blonde hair, size 36C boobs, and a big booty that I love to workout at least twice a week. I love working up a sweat in and out of the gym ;) I am constantly horny and my partners have always talked about how wet an creamy I get. I used to be shy and intimidated by it but now I want to share it with you. In my spare time other then working out at the gym I enjoy studying hard, enjoying outdoors, and playing with sex toys. 

I really enjoy the thought of people buying my used wet panties and socks... it really gets me wet!! I mentioned before I love working out and I have a lot of used panties from doing so, as well as socks. They are all carrying the delicious scent of my wet waxed pussy and feet. I wear some pairs two days in a row for my workouts, and some workouts last two hours long which make me sweat until my panties drip.

I'd be more then happy to do specific tasks that you request while wearing items that you purchase. I could do an intense workout or go for a walk or run and get all sweaty so your item has maximum contact with my private parts or I could have some great sex with my vibrator and get your purchase really messy if that's your thing. I could even wear them to school or while I study, while I drip my juices thinking of all the naughty things I love to do. I get a soaking wet pussy out of all this. This is all new to me and I can't wait to see all of the things I am able to do. In the past I have been shy but I am ready to show my wild kinky side.

I have been preparing some of my items to sell, I have been loving getting them all wet, creamy and sweaty with my juices. I have a hard time going a day without masturbating, and absolutely love using my vibrator - it's going to be even harder when I send my underwear to you! Most days I use it more then once. There's nothing better then having a screaming orgasm. Playing with my vibrator and having multiple o's is the highlight of my day. All my panties include one free photo of me wearing them. Ask me about extra wear items (maximum 3 days), and I'll be more then happy to satisfy your needs.

Real talk: I do not show my face, so please do not ask me to- You can use your imagination! I also do not provide video chats. 

Send me an email for any orders, or let me know how I can customize a pair of panties for you ♥ 

All costs of products are listed on the ads.

What I Sell
Used Panties
Photos (no facial)
Used Socks

I accept
Amazon gift cards. Other gift cards are negotiable.

My Shipping Terms:
Your package will come in a sealed bag to ensure it has been preserved with it's original scents, and it will be in a discreet envelope. I will ship your item once I have received the payment method, shipping cost will be added. I use a standard shipping method that usually arrives between 7-10 business days from Canada. If you require your package sooner we can arrange further shipping options but there will be an extra charge. I ship worldwide.

My Refund Policy:
If for any reason you are not satisfied with your product I will offer you a refund of the gift card. I want all of my customers to be happy- hopefully we'll never have to do refunds ;)

My Lost Parcel Policy:
If for any reason your parcel does not make it to you I will offer you a replacement product.                                                                                                                                                                            


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