Selling your used panties on the internet with realistic expectations.

Selling used panties isn’t rocket science, but the learning curve for new panty sellers can be steep. When you have a question about how to sell your intimates, who can you depend on for honest advice and feedback? That’s where Panty Trust comes in. We have the resources, 20 years worth of knowledge and experience to help you get started in the panty fetish business.

Despite what subscription-based panty websites claim, you won’t make a lot of money selling to the panty fetish community, you will not sell your used panties for $5,000 a pair, nor you will make £1000 panty sales every week, but when you love what you’re doing, your customers sense that and respond by wanting more and more.

Our community rejects the stereotype of the fetish seller as being someone willing to sell “anything to anyone,” and instead, we embrace the fun, sexy thrill of a genuine fetish enthusiast who loves wearing lingerie and is motivated by what her customers do with her used panties.

When you understand the fetish community and your product, and engage potential panty buyers enthusiastically, you’ll find your customers wanting to return time and time again. Buyer and seller relationships built on trust and honesty and authentic interest in the fetish are what Panty Trust promotes and supports.

Join our community today for full access to all our panty selling knowledge and experience!

Uncovering the Truth of Selling Used Panties Online

Genuine panty sellers are debunking used panties selling myths published in magazines & tabloids. "Get real" they say!

  • I've made big sales & gone through weeks with no sales. It has its ups & downs
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    I have always been quite the pervert. So when I discovered panty selling, I was immediately intrigued. I mean, what else was I doing with my old panties i no longer wanted? I was throwing them out! The idea was very appealing to me and to get money from it was a bonus. So began my search for where and how to sell. In my research I learned about Panty Trust and after some reading I knew this was the website I wanted to join. So I began the application process, they were more strict (for lack of a better…
    in Uncovering the Truth of Selling Used Panties Online
  • £500 daily sales aren't real, the media is lured-in by these false claims
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    Many of us selling used panties in the sex industry have noticed a lot of sensationalized stories in the media about what we do and how much money we make. This downplays the amount of effort and hard work we put in and can lead to wrong ideas about what we do and the type of people that we are. I have been selling panties, custom photos and foot wear items now for nearly 3 years now, but I am not a millionaire and I don’t 'encourage' people (unlike some unrealistic sellers in the media recently) to sell unless it…
    in Uncovering the Truth of Selling Used Panties Online
  • I was reading a Cosmopolitan article on selling used panties....
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    Last Fall (2016) I was on the treadmill reading a Cosmopolitan articles when I saw an article on selling used panties and the woman being interviewed was talking about how much money this fetish was paying her. Even tho the Cosmo article seemed a bit surreal, I was intrigued that a guy would pay money for used panties. And I also was a little excited at the prospect (who knew I had a kinky side?). After some research, I found the Panty Trust community. My application was accepted and after verification I was off on my new journey of selling…
    in Uncovering the Truth of Selling Used Panties Online

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