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How to Sell Used Panties

Selling your used panties with Panty Trust.

Selling used panties isn’t rocket science, but the learning curve for new panty sellers can be steep. When you have a question about how to sell your intimates, who can you depend on for honest advice and feedback? That’s where Panty Trust comes in. We have the resources, knowledge and experience to help you get started in the panty fetish business.

You probably won’t get rich selling to the panty fetish community, but when you love what you’re doing, your customers sense that and respond. Our community rejects the stereotype of the fetish seller as being someone willing to sell “anything to anyone,” and instead, we embrace the fun, sexy thrill of a genuine fetish enthusiast who loves wearing lingerie and is motivated by what her customers do with her used panties.

When you understand the fetish community and your product, and engage potential panty buyers enthusiastically, you’ll find your customers wanting to return time and time again. Buyer and seller relationships built on trust and honesty and authentic interest in the fetish are what Panty Trust promotes and supports.

Join our community today for full access to all our panty selling knowledge and experience!

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