How Used Panties Buyers Can Avoid Disappointment

Ever wonder who wore the item you purchased?
Wonder if you'll even receive anything once you've sent your money?
Concerned about a panty seller's quality, ethical stands, selling history, customer service, and fair business practices?
Want someone to assist you when something goes wrong?

Panty Trust presents the first opportunity for those who enjoy purchasing used panties and fetish items to avoid disappointment and hassle.

Any panty buyer who has been involved in transactions for used items in the past knows that unfortunately, each purchase is a risk. Fakes and imposters abound, even worse, some panty sellers fail to send you anything at all. When you purchase from a fetish seller who is not a Panty Trust member, there is a 50% chance that you are dealing with a fraud.

The Panty Trust organization was developed by a group of panty buyers and used panties sellers with the goal of eliminating such problems. The Panty Trust e-trust consumer organization is the first of its kind and now past its first decade of exemplary service to buyers and sellers of used lingerie and related products.

While a number of "verification" and feedback/reputation systems have appeared since Panty Trust's formation, Panty Trust remains the sole service which actually has tangible meaning for the people who purchase used lingerie products on-line.

Panty Trust is successful in providing our community buyers with peace of mind because it is operated by actual panty buyers and sellers, your peers. Panty Trust does not recruit members. Every member of Panty Trust sought out Panty Trust and went through a rigorous, multifaceted join process to become a member and must maintain a flawless sales history to maintain their membership.

When you buy from a Panty Trust member, you buy with the full benefit of the Panty Trust organization's reputation. Each and every one of the several hundred Panty Trust member's reputation is on the line when you buy from a member so you have several hundred Panty Sellers with a vested interest in making it your best purchase ever.

Our service costs you nothing. Not using our service can cost you plenty.
Play it safe and buy from fetish sellers that display the Panty Trust verified logo. The Panty Trust seal is your assurance that you will receive the item(s), that the seller you see in the ad photos is the actual person selling you her items, that the panty seller you are purchasing from has completed a join process that includes an investigation of her sales history and practices, and has been accepted into the organization and recommended by hundreds of her used panty selling peers.

Should you ever encounter a problem with a transaction with a Panty Trust member, impartial, third-party assistance is freely provided by Panty Trust to make it right.

Read about our joining/verification process, look for the Panty Trust e-seal everywhere on the web, and visit our member pages. If a seller you are interested in buying from is not listed, write to them, and ask them to do so. It ensures your satisfaction.

  • Would you like to refer a panty seller for a free membership or contribute towards a membership fee? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details. Or you have donated before, please send the contribution including, name and email of the applicant.

  • Do you need to report a member or a transaction? please visit our Dispute Resolution page to find out about our buyers compensation scheme.