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Terms and Conditions / User Agreement 

Please read this document completely and carefully before applying for partnership with Panty Trust as it directly reflects your membership and outlines instances that may result in a member's suspension or termination of membership.

The members of Panty Trust take ethics and fair business practice, civil conduct, and honesty very seriously and have worked very hard to develop the credibility that Panty Trust and its members now enjoy.
As the actions of one Panty Trust member reflect on all members of the Panty Trust organization, this code of conduct has been developed by the Panty Trust membership to address important issues. Panty Trust is not for everyone.
Panty buyers and members expect all members to be a cut above the typical used panties seller and expect members to communicate in a respectful manner with everyone.
Memberships are offered to an individual and may not be shared.

A member must agree these terms to gain membership in Panty Trust:

a) Commitment to

  1. Completing the Verification Process
  2. Actively furthering fair business practices, honesty, and trust in the used panties and fetish trade
  3. Supporting the community and fellow members.

The primary purpose of a Panty Trust Partnership must not be to solely advertise and sell products, promote a website or other social networks.  The very existence of Panty Trust relies on the support of its own members who share their expertise and knowledge. Connecting, participating and getting involved with our day-to-day community affairs is therefor expected and audited, whether a member sells or not.

a)1 Requirements
Since this is an internet business literacy is a must, and so are computer & internet skills.
Applicants don't need a website or any selling experience to become members, full support and advice are available to members.

b) Accuracy and clarity
When listing used panties, fetish items or service for sale, members agree to post an accurate description of what a fetish buyer is purchasing, and to provide the item as described upon payment.
If a delay or change affects the delivery of an item, members agree to contact the buyer in a timely fashion to keep them informed and/or make them aware of any changes.

c) Dispute Resolution
Members agree to participate in the dispute resolution process if a compliant is filed with Panty Trust by a panty buyer, or another members.  Members agree to respond to Panty Trust emails within 48hrs from contacting them.

d) Illegal or Unethical Activity
Members agree not to promote, insinuate, sell or suggest activities or situations that could be considered illegal or unethical.
Examples include but are not limited to:

  1. Age play or mention of anything related to minors or persons under the age of 18
, including the use of the term Teen
  2. Insinuating bestiality

  3. The acceptance of payments or 'donations' through payment processing services that prohibit payments for adult related services and products (PayPal does not allow adult services and products related transactions)
  4. Committing plagiarism, using content labeled with copyrights, the use of the work by others without the owner’s permission, including but not limited to: photos, text, scripts, music, videos, etc.
    'The website is not live, or under-construction' is not an acceptable excuse. Copying is a crime
  5. Using web providers, host services, newspapers, magazines, file transferring etc etc. that prohibits advertising, transferring, promoting and selling adult content and adult material (for example: Craigslist, eBay, Kijiji, WeTransfer, Google,Webs, Weebly, Yola, do not allow adult content)
  6. Advertising and selling feces, urine, blood, semen, saliva, any type of bottled bodily fluid, items dripping / completely soaked in bodily fluids, in-person encounter
  7. Promoting the usage of drugs, medical, legal or otherwise
  8. Uploading pornography
  9. Spamming

d)1 Plagiarism
Panty Trust hands over the responsibility to members the maintenance of their own verification page.
This includes keeping their page free of plagiarism.
Each member is accountable for their own content and fully responsible for its usage and deletion.
If not advised, Panty Trust will permanently delete verification pages with plagiarised content and will not become involved in negotiating whose content belonged to whom first.

e) Promotion
Members cannot link or promote third parties, or any other type of adult websites other than their *verified personal website (*this is subject to a verification process).  Promoting websites without permission is considered spamming.

f) Links, Contact Information and Communication
Members agree to keep their contact information and links up to date.
Members agree to respond to Panty Trust, Panty Trust members and volunteers, regular customers and potential customers within 72hrs.

When communication is about an order, a response is expected within 24hrs.
Delays in responding to communication will result in a warning.
Repeatedly ignoring communication will result in a FREEZE & CHARGE.

If it's reasonably determined that member's links to their web site being dead/broken and/or their contact email address no longer is valid, the member's Panty Trust membership will be suspended.
If no contact has been made with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within 1 month from suspension, the membership will be deleted permanently. Once the membership has been deleted it cannot be reinstated. 

g) Closing and deleting an Inactive Membership
If a member does not access their account for 3 months, their membership will be deleted.
If no contact has been made with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within 1 month from deleted it, the membership cannot be reinstated and the member will need to rejoin.

Panty Trust will solicit and consider input from the general membership to determine if suspension or deletion of a membership is warranted. The member may appeal if they believe that they have extenuating circumstances that Panty Trust was not aware of at the time of the decision.

A FREEZE & CHARGE system also operates to discourage members from taking advantage of our platform or neglecting their business and customers.
FREEZE: revoking access to the merchant platform
CHARGE: a new fee must be issued to reactivate access.

h) Suspension and Immediate Termination of Membership
A membership may be suspended should it be determined that a member has breached any term of the Panty Trust User Agreement.
After 30 days from the suspension Panty Trust will review if a membership should be reinstated.
This will be subject to a new membership fee.

In some situations a member's membership may be terminated immediately by Panty Trust without appeal.
The following will result in immediate termination of a member account:

  1. Evidence of an activity considered to be illegal or unethical
  2. Evidence of involvement in a situation that involves or insinuates (even jokingly) anything to do with child pornography or a minor
  3. Evidence of accepting money with no intention of sending the described item
  4. Failure to respond to email sent from Panty Trust requesting status updates, information regarding a buyer complaint or dispute.

Refund of Membership Fee
Memberships fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.


COVID19 UPDATES: For safety reasons we are voiding items verification. 
All applicants can do ahead and start selling once they activate their membership.
We'll ask members to attend the full verification once the pandemic is under control worldwide, this could be in 2021 depending on the infection rates.