Genuine panty sellers are debunking used panties selling myths published on magazines & tabloids. "Get real" they say!

Watermarking your photos is essential to protect panty fetish business, and let's face it, your photos are as important as your panties because really, that's what panty buyers see first. A watermark is a nothing more than a logo or a word superimposed on top of your image.

To be efficient it needs to be visible and difficult to be removed, although a subtle transparent mark if more then enough to deter internet thieves. Creating a personal watermark is simple, there are many online software you can use. 

My favourite is,  it lets you add watermarks to your images online for free. You can watermark 5 photos at the time with just 2 clicks.

You can create a text line and position it wherever you prefer, or if you have a logo you can upload  it the same way.   

Photoshop is what I normally use. If you have the software, simply use the 'type' tool and place your text over the photo. If you have the budget you can buy software that watermarks your photos invisibly and lets you search for places where your photos are being used .

They do cost around £40 per year. I never had one, but sometime I wish i did! Whichever method you use, don’t place your watermark on the originals.  Always create copies of the photos you want to watermark, and then place the watermark on the copies you have created. Watermarks will sit on top of your photo, effectively altering the look of the image. Although this is the idea of the watermarking process, some buyers prefer not to see any text on the photos they buy, especially on the actually panties. 

My advice would be to place a more prominent watermarks on ‘display’ photos and a less visible one on buyers purchases. Unless of course, you know your buyer and you don’t feel as a watermark is necessary at all.

Protect your photos, people will steal them and try to profit from them. It happens more than you think!