By its nature and mission, the Panty Trust is inherently concerned with people's privacy and safety on the internet. As such, Panty Trust takes your privacy very seriously. The following outlines the Panty Trust organization's and the Panty Trust website's policy regarding your information.

We do not share your private information with anyone.

Website Surfers - Visiting and viewing the Panty Trust website does not share any information with Panty Trust other than your internet provider service address (ISP). This is simply a number that collected when someone views the site. This number can identify the service that provides your internet connect and its geographic location.

For example, Virgin Media Group, London England. The website sever manager of Panty Trust keeps this number in a log for a short period of time (typically 30 days). This information is not generally used by Panty Trust in a manner. It is collected solely incase it is required to identify someone attempting to abuse the website in some manner.

Panty Buyers - No information beyond that listed above under the Website Surfer category is collected. However, if you contact Panty Trust by our online contact form or email, Panty Trust will see your email address. If you include your first name on the form, Panty Trust will see your first name. This information is not used for any other reason by Panty Trust other than to provide an answer or follow up to your question, comment, or concern.

Panty Trust Members - Panty Trust members are asked to provide a username and email address that they would like to use to access to the members' area of Panty Trust. In addition, Panty Trust members are asked to provide as much information as they care to for the purpose of the description portion of their Panty Trust profile. This information includes a list of places buyers can buy your panties, your website/blog url, your age, location, shipping and payment options.

The amount of this information is entirely at the member's discretion. Members are welcome to signify "NA" in any form field that they wish not to have shown on their page. Panty Trust will only use the information that you provide to develop your personal Panty Trust page at your specific direction. Panty Trust has never, and will never, ask you for your legal "real" name, your address, passwords, pin numbers, or your telephone number.

Nobody at Panty Trust has the need for this information and sending this type of personal information over an unsecured email service is unsafe and fool hardy. Please do not send other Panty Trust members or buyers, or any web service this type of information unless it specifically requested and unless it is over a secure/encrypted connection.

If someone contacts you requesting this type of information and claims to be affiliated or representing Panty Trust, please report them here ASAP.  The Panty Trust does not ask for or accept this information, therefore the person contacting you is not affiliated with this organization and will be reported accordingly.

By 'Panty Trust' we intend anyone who owns a membership, including all members, volunteers, managers and directors.

Content: Panty Trust reserves the rights to use, reproduce and change any digital content a member submits.