What can Panty Trust do for you as a used panty seller?

An independent poll of fetish buyers and sellers who visited adult auction sites and panty seller sites indicated the following:

79% of respondents were ready to buy or bid but did not due to uncertainty concerning the legitimacy of the panty seller.

Participation in the Panty Trust program builds trust between you and those potential panty buyers. Buyers can instantly recognize the Panty Trust verification seal in your ad or site, and begin the transaction with confidence. By clicking on your Panty Trust e-seal, panty buyers can read about what it means to buy from a member of Panty Trust, view more photos and information about you, read your selling preferences, see all of your auction and/website offerings in one place.

Becoming a member of Panty Trust increases your customer base and used panties sales while helping you show that you highly value customer satisfaction and fair business practices. You increase your sales by building panties buyer confidence while exposing more buyers to all of your offerings.

In addition, Panty Trust verified panty sellers receive unrestricted access to a host of services that save you time, money, and effort. Panty Trust membership entitles you to services that include:

  • Industry recognizable verification seal without disclosing personal details such as photo ID, address, or credit cards
  • Unlimited advertising via PantyTrust.com and all other Social Media channels
  • Free unlimited classified listings and free featuring on PantyTrust.com and all other Social Media channels 
  • Free access to panty buyers (Panty Trust buyers do not need to 'sign up' or disclose personal details to access your panties for sales)
  • Advice on how to receive legit cash payments in an affordable way
  • Advice on creating free or affordable personal websites/blogs  
  • Selling and business focused advice from established and reputable members of the fetish community
  • Management and leadership opportunities in the Panty Trust Organization
  • Membership in the most widely recognized trust program for used panty sellers on the internet
  • Instantly end constant requests by panty buyers for photo, video, or cam verification
  • Fun and Useful Ad and Website Tools, including video streaming, instantly create watermarks, menus, etc. 
  • Verification Page on the Panty Trust Website (allows you to advertise and give your buyers more photos information, and links to your page/auctions)
  • 3rd Party Mediation Service (let us help you settle disputes with buyers)
  • Members-Only Forum (a place to discuss selling and advice with your Panty Trust peers)
  • Technical and Marketing Assistance (help and advice for on-line sales)
  • Panty Industry News (be informed of the latest panty seller business happenings)
  • Timely, Personal Email Responses from the Support Team (for questions, help, advice etc.)

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