Monday, 04 March 2019 21:40

March Used Panties Special Offer

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It’s been a while since I offered a month long special offer and the glimpse of spring weather that we experienced this week in the UK has put me in a great mood. As a result I am going to treat my used panty lovers to the most popular special offer. This will be my 2 pairs of used panties instead of my usual price of £40 for 2 pairs.

With the £8 saving this means you can buy my used panties for £16 per pair instead of £20 per pair for 24 hours wear. You can add on extras with this special offer which means this is a brilliant way to reduce the price on longer wear orders.

All of my panties are included in this deal (excluding premium range, although you can receive and £8 discount off two pairs of these meaning you will pay £42 instead of £50). I have added a massive amount of used panties to my store over the last two weeks, especially some gorgeous Brazilians which you have the choice of for this great offer.

With this offer you do not have to have both pairs of panties sent out to you at the same time. You can book dates in my diary with this offer for dates between now and June 2019.

To qualify for this order you must place it and then pay for it in full before Sunday 31st March as my 2 pairs for £32 will only run through March.
To take advantage of this offer visit my panty store and select two pairs of used panties you would like to purchase.

Use the code MARCH32

If you would like to order via email please let me know the product code of the two pairs you would like to buy, note any extras, and then let me know how you would like to pay (bank transfer or amazon uk gift card) and I will send over the payment details.

Happy shopping panty lovers!