Genuine panty sellers are debunking used panties selling myths published on magazines & tabloids. "Get real" they say!

As a member of the Panty Fetish community, it is imperative that you create a separate discreet email address. Not only will it feel more private if you are planning on selling items like used panties, bra's, Hosiery etc or Media  Photosets, videos, custom shows etc) - I know If I were a buyer, If I saw an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I'd less nervous about inquiring about an order or price, then opposed to an email like This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Having a professional separate email is also important for your own security and personal life, as well as respecting your fetish buyer privacy.
Using the same email you use in the adult community, that you use in your personal life is a recipe for disaster. Imagine someone googles your email and aside from seeing your personal profile on where you state you like nipple clamps and gags, It links to your personal facebook profile, that shows where you live, where you work, and identify you as a person away from the adult community. YIKES! That's scary stuff!

Serena of wrote an excellent post called " POP email Viruses, and your boss" :

"If you have all sorts of different POP email-boxes in one place such as work accounts, personal, panties, etc, please be extra careful of email viruses, as they may be sending emails to your boss. Email viruses are attached to emails and can send themselves to everyone listed on your address book through your email account. Imagine this, when you go to your inbox and read your Panties@yoursite .com email, without realising it, you also unleash a virus which starts sending emails to your whole address book, targeting your work email addresses too. Next thing you know, your boss gets any email from Panties@yoursite .com trying to flog him dodgy computer software made in Korea.

Only, your boss is a bit nosey and off he goes to peek at www.yoursite. com. Not a good day.
A way to prevent these viruses from infiltrating your computer is to get a proper antivirus, refrain from opening emails from people you do not know, and do not click anything. Even when you know the sender pay attention to the subject, and ask yourself when did Steve start selling software?

Could it be a virus? Most importantly, keep your work and panty accounts far far apart, if you can avoid using POP for at least one of 2 accounts, then do so.
This has happened to a seller not so long ago, so please be careful. "  

Spam mail is always annoying, but I particularly find with all the adult social sites I am a member of, I am subject to alot more spam mail, and sometimes due to someones email, It may go into my spam mail automatically. So aiming this to any Used Panty buyers out there, When you are emailing a seller, please do check your spam aswell as your inbox for a reply, You may find his/her email has gone there. Here are some helpful tips that I have found along the way to help prevent my email going into my customers spam :

Choose your words wisely - Some spam filters focus on keywords. The basic subjects are obviously Sex and Money. Using multiple $$$ or £££, and words like " offer, xxx, sex and get rich ". basically avoid using lots of words that you yourself see in spam mail.

Subject line - Make sure you actually put in a subject line and make it relevant. Most of my spam has the subject line of " hello ". The key is to be simple, concise and relevant to the subject.

Link Spam - Some email providers have a filter on emails with links ( http://www. ) so try placing a ling with " click here " or " go to my site now " or even the websites name. And lastly, Here is a very helpful list that i read in an article for all the email clients on how to add a contact as a safe sender. So if you dont want to miss that reply from a seller, or if you you keep getting email you want to be in your inbox, in your spam them hopefull this will help and the post in general has shed some light on emails!

Outlook Express: Go to "Actions" on your e-mail menu bar. Select "Junk E-mail" from your pulldown menu. Select "Add Sender to Safe Senders List." Right-click in the message and select "Add the Sender to Safe Senders List". Go to Tools on the menu bar. Select "Options" in the pull-down menu. Under "Preferences", select "Junk E-mail". Then click on the "Safe Sender" tab. Click the "Add" button. Type the email address of the sender in the text box.

AOL 9: You can do either of the following: Add the e-newsletter mail address to your address book. Reply to the newsletter. If you reply to your email, AOL will automatically put the e-newsletter address in your address book.

AOL 8: Open the e-mail. Click the "Add Address" icon on the right. The e-mail address is pre-populated in the "Contact Details" pop-up Verify that the pre-populated information is correct Click "Save"

MSN Hotmail: Go to the "Options" page. On the left side of the page, click "Mail," and then click "Junk E-Mail Protection." Click "Add Senders to Safe List." Type out the email address of the sender and then click "Add."

Yahoo! Mail: Use the "Not Spam" button to report messages you want in your Inbox that were delivered to your Bulk folder.

: If you have the e-newsletter e-mail address in your Address Book, Earthlink will not block it. Go to your Address Book, click the "Add" button. You only need to enter the e-mail address under Internet Information.

Gmail: Open the e-mail Click "More Options" in the e-mail header. Click "Add Sender to Contact List"

Apple Mail: Add the email address to your address book. In Training mode, emails will arrive in the INBOX highlighted in brown. In Automatic mode, junk emails will arrive in the Junk box. To add an email that arrived in the JUNK folder, highlight the email message. Choose Message > Mark > As Not Junk Mail.