Genuine panty sellers are debunking used panties selling myths published on magazines & tabloids. "Get real" they say!

How to spot a time wasters lurking in the used panties fetish community One of the biggest pain on the used panties fetish community, are those seeking free time and stuff from you, with no intention of purchasing any of your panties, ever.
Often, these time wasters will disguise themselves as 'Frisky Panty Buyer' or 'Used Panty Addict 123', in an effort to get as much of your time as possible.
Your time is valuable, and unless you have loads of it spare, try to identify and block these time abusers from your network as quick as possible.

How to spot the time wasting type:

First, time wasters and non-buyers are 2 completely different types, time-wasters will approach you lying about wanting to buy your used panties, non-buyers will approach you to say Hello, and perhaps buy your panties in the future. No lies, No problem.

Time wasters will normally buzz around fresh and new panty sellers knowing very well that established girls can see them coming and will not even bother to engage.

Anyone who's ever emailed me: 'I want your panties now, name the price' got hit by my ignore gun. Time wasters questions will be questions which you have already answered to on your website, your profile, your auctions etc. If a panty buyer asks you if you accept Alerptay when your website is converted with Alertpay banners, you can only assume they are blind, stupid, time wasters, or all of the above. (Covering everything there is to know on your website is a great time waster deterrent).

Sometimes time wasters may ask you to prove that you are a indeed a real female by taking 'specific' photos under their directions. The truth is that if a panty buyer has doubts about your gender, they wouldn't even be talking to you. A good question to ask flaky panty buyers is: 'when were you thinking about buying my used panties?' If the answer is vague, its time to be wary.  

If they reply 'very soon', ask them 'how very soon'. If you challenge them, you'll find the novelty for them will wear off pretty swiftly, and no doubt they will move onto the next less wise newbie.

Sadly, we can't make these guys go away, we've all been there, got smart, and learned our lesson once or twice. Of course, the way you decide to allocate your time is down to you, some panty sellers do actually have a lot of time to spare, but don't be taken for a ride and get wise, or you'll be chasing fake orders more they'll be dealing with genuine panty buyers.

'How about the time wasting sellers?' I hear you asking! Indeed, another big pain in the backside on the used panties fetish scene, are those lazy so called used panty sellers who hardily take the fetish scene seriously.

Often, these time wasters will disguise themselves as 'Sexy Panty Chick 69' or 'Sexy but Stranded for Cash Student 101', they have absolutely no interest in the panty fetish but could really do with some easy fast cash. Well, we know there is no such thing right?

Time wasting sellers will sign up on used panty sites, create sluggish profiles which will sound a bit like: 'I'm always wet, email me to buy my used panties', upload 1 blurred photo (because they are too lazy to take more), they are never around, and list absolutely nothing for buyers to buy.

My advice would be AVOID -  I can think of at least 1 good reason why you should not waste your time with Horny Panty Seller 21: she is probably far too lazy and disinterested to actually wear your panties or go to the post office.

Fortunately for buyers finding genuine used panties sellers is a lot easier, committed girls will display our Panty Trust Verification Seal, loads of sexy photos and used panties for sales without you needing to ask.

If you feel the need to ask, in my opinion, something isn't right.