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I've been a filthy, dirty girl and am in need of a good bubble bath.... but all of this lathering up makes it impossible to stop myself from rub a dub dubbing one out. Watch me strip down in the tub, play with my favorite suction cup toy, then head to the shower for even more fun!

Used Panty Lover Discount Packages | An idea I have had for a while now was to offer discount packages and longer subscriptions to regular buyers or those that want to purchase from me frequently over a period of time. So after an overwhelmingly positive response on my customer questionnaire regarding these packages I have decided to offer a service which means you can buy used panties at a discounted price by purchasing upfront.

Lovelies we're coming to the final weeks of my 'Out of Retirement for Autumn Sale'. Don't miss out on the last of my used panty stock. I'm back in the UK for the next few weeks so it's the perfect time for my UK gentlemen to get their hands on my panties with FREE UK POSTAGE! I still have plenty of satin left in stock for my fellow Satin-lovers! I'll be taking my remaining panty collection in my suitcase.

I have a very special offer just for you! Who has ever fantasized about that hot young lady in the office? Did you think about what she was wearing under her tight little skirt, stockings and heels? Yes?

Special End of Summer Offer! Two pairs of my £20 panties for £30 plus P&P

We all need some extra fun as the Summer starts to fade, what cold be better than two delicious pairs of panties filled with my sweet scent and juices?

Peachy Keen is coming out of Retirement for Autumn! Help me keep warm this Autumn season Satin Connoisseurs and Used Panty Pervs.

This chubby milf has relocated from the UK to Germany and I hear I'm in for some truly 'nippy' weather in the months to come ;) I've so missed sharing my panties with someone special and can't wait to start selling again

I love to spoil my used panty fans so for all orders placed and paid for in September I am offering my panty lovers access to 5 of my videos ,usually worth £25 if bought separately. In total this is around 20 minutes worth of footage. The videos are hotter than HOT and include squirting, playing, teasing, panty stuffing and even a naughty sex video.
Not only do you get 4 photos of me wearing your items and free uk postage (first class) access to watch the 5 video clips are also included with the price of your order.