Verification Tutorial

Ready to join?


Congratulations on deciding to start your panty fetish business here at Panty Trust!

The steps to become a member are:


  • Verification is free.
  • Panty Trust Membership costs US$50 (or £40). 
    We do not require any other payments. THERE ARE NO MONTHLY FEES. Seriously.
  • This fee includes unlimited free Classifieds.
  • Our memberships are paid discreetly for your privacy and ours. Paypal is not an option, please read why here.


Applicants don't need a website or any selling experience to become members, full support and advice are available to members, however, since this is an internet business, literacy is a must, computer and internet skills are highly desirable.

Panty Trust is a members run organization that takes its reputation and the actions of its members very seriously. Only persons that agree to follow our member developed Code of Conduct are welcome to join. Before doing anything, please read the Code of Conduct carefully to decide if Panty Trust is right for you.

Application Process:

Step 1 Snap your verification photo

Get a sheet of white paper, write the words "Your Stage Name - Panty Trust Verified" in heavy black ink or other dark color.

Select an item that you would like to send for verification. This can be a bra, panties, stockings, etc. Put the item on, hold up the sign and take one photo.  Some sellers hide their face, some choose not to, this is your decision and will not have any effect upon verification. If you aren't shy, including your face is always preferred, but in the verification photo you must include the item you're wearing and the sign.

Once happy with the photo, save it, remove the item, place it in an envelope and keep it somewhere safe.

Step 2 Submit an application form

The information that is asked on the application form is exactly what you see on any Panty Trust member's page on the Panty Trust website - your selling username, age, description, shipping/payment terms, what fetish items you sell, etc. 
application form does not request, and Panty Trust never has and never will ask for, your personal information such as name, address, etc. so please do not use any personal details.

Submit your application form, your verification photo and your 'glamorous' photo.
Your glamorous photo will be used on your profile and promotion material and it must be of a decent quality.

Verification Process:

Step 3 Wait for your allocated volunteer to email you

If your application is successful, in the next 24hrs your allocated volunteer will email you the address of where to send your verification item based on your country of residence. If you do send an item that you want returned, you must include a return self-addressed envelope and appropriate postage so that we can return it to you.

You are sending your item to a Panty Trust Member who has volunteered to verify new members in their part of the world, she will assess how you handle the verification process, your communication skills, your understanding of privacy, and finally by matching your item with your verification photo. She has no interest in how 'used and messy' the item is, so please feel free to wash the item before posting it.

Personal Websites Verification are at discretion of Panty Trust and will only be considered after 3 months.
Personal Websites Verification are subjects to quarterly reviews.

Step 4  Start preparing

Whistle you await to be verified, we recommended that you start preparing. Buy some panties, socks, bars, take some photos, try a few poses, and be ready to list and sell them as soon as you are verified.
New members tend to get a lot of attention, so don't keep our buyers waiting.

Joining Panty Trust shows that you support honesty and fair business practices in the used panties and fetish trade. In addition, it is a great way to promote trust between you and your potential panty buyers, increase your panty sales, expose your offerings to thousands of fetish buyers who might not have seen you otherwise, and for receiving tools and services that will make your selling panties experience easier and more enjoyable.

With much input from panty buyers and panties sellers, we have developed a unique, but simple verification process.
We believe that our process is the quickest, the best and most useful in the panty industry.

When a membership is declined 

Panty Trust will decline applicants who don't adhere to the User Agreement therefor we urge applicants to read and understand it before they submit an application.
If you don't hear from us within 48hrs from applying, it means you application was not succesfull.

A fundamental part of Panty Trust and our pledge to panty buyers is that the buyer can be sure that the Panty Trust membership has prescreened all members and verified that they meet all aspects of the Panty Trust User Agreement prior to them becoming a member of Panty Trust. 

As a member/owner of Panty Trust, you will appreciate that new members who follow you will also be screened to avoid a member whose sales or business practices would lessen Panty Trust's reputation and therefore lessen the value of your membership. Due to the nature of the Panty Trust organization, most of the sellers who apply for membership of Panty Trust have no issues.

If Panty Trust finds an issue during a member's verification, Panty Trust will explain the concern and help the prospective member to rectify the situation so that the members of Panty Trust can be confident in recommending the new member.

In same cases, Panty Trust will decline a verification and invite the seller to retry in 3 months.

If you would find yourself to be offended by Panty Trust reviewing your business and sales history before approving your membership, Panty Trust is not a good fit for you.

If you have any questions about our assessment process, please email the Assessment Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.