Verification Tutorial

How Panty Trust verifies new Panty Sellers

While verifying a fetish seller's credit card can be helpful, we believe Panty Trust's verification process is much more meaningful to a person that is considering purchasing or bidding on used panties and items.

Our verification process is 100% anonymous and managed by our volunteers, it follows a multi-step process for the most thorough verification process offered. A used panty seller is not listed as verified until, and unless all conditions are met.

Our verification process is as follows:

Panty Seller submits an application form for our volunteers to review
Panty Seller submits typical contact information and their used panty business details
Panty Seller submits photograph wearing a panty or item similar to what they typically offer
Photo includes a hand written sign with the words "Panty Trust" clearly legible
Panty Seller sends exact item worn in the photograph to Panty Trust for verification.

The volunteer assessing the applicant will only verify them if they are fully satisfied with how professionally they handle all steps of the verification process.

With much input from panty buyers and panties sellers, we have developed a unique, but simple verification process We believe that our process is the best and most useful in the industry and should take no longer then 5 days.

If you cannot commit to completing the process in 5 days, please email us before you apply.

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