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Some boast of selling 20 panties a week, how many do they wear in a day??

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Panty selling is a huge fetish - so many people like sniffing, tasting, masturbating in and wearing all those different sexy styles of panties. You would think because there are so many facets to panty selling that the sellers would be making a lot of money, the reality of panty selling however is quite the opposite...

Panty selling has been portrayed in the media as something that is easy to do - What is more easy then putting on your underwear, wearing it all day and then have someone buy those dirty pants, it even saves on you washing... Doesn’t it?

Well, the reality is a lot more complex...

The whole interaction, from the moment a buyer has placed their order with their lovely panty seller, is a unique and personal experience. All orders are specific to that buyer, the style and material of the panties, how long the panties are to be worn to meet their desires, what scents do they want created through wear and masturbation, will pictures be taken to go with the order to share and tease the recipient, often a form of note is added to the package to make the experience much more personal.

The buyer is there wanting to enjoy their fetish and the more real it is made, the more this is tailored to them, the better their experience. This is why strong bonds can be formed between the buyer and seller. It is a bond of trust which has been created.

The buyer may never have told anyone else about their fetish so being discrete and understanding also helps a seller build this relationship, but at the end of the day - it’s a service that the seller provides, some buyers can forget this.

As well as inferring that life as a panty seller is easy the Media often like to hype up the figures of what can be made - stating that you can earn hundreds if not thousands of pounds from doing this…per week!!! This is almost laughable - the reality of panty selling is quite the opposite, of course there will be that one out there who will sell a pair of basic supermarket panties for hundreds, but this is rare.

More often than not, your wonderful, dirty knickers may cover the weekly shop and pay off the odd loan. There are often times when sellers have dry spells (no pun intended) of not selling anything at all, this can last days…weeks….even months and then they receive a mad rush of orders, and suddenly they have a waiting list.

Panties may also need a longer wear then the buyer initially requested, or even paid for, as the scent has changed or has not been created to a standard that the seller is happy to send out. We ladies are human, the scent in our undies changes from day to day with variations in what we use to wash, what we eat and, of course, the monthly cycle. The seller usually only sends out their panties when they are happy with the scent created.

Some people have boasted of selling over 20 pairs of panties a week…how many panties do those people wear in a day??? I have sold quite a few undies that I have purely just masturbated in - but that’s still me only adding a couple of non daily wear (wear in the day) to the weekly orders list. I don’t see how it is possible to sell that many used sweet panties and still offer the wonderful scent and service that each buyer deserves.

Most panty sellers are not doing this for the money, they are also catering to their own fetish... I enjoy hearing how my panties have been used, especially if I have given the buyer instructions on what they are to do, as well as wearing sexy undies for them.

Panty selling is huge, but let's be realistic - look at what most people sell their items for and think of how much thought and effort has gone into advertising and making those panties special for someone. This is not a route to millions - this is a happy pact between those who love to wear and share their panties, and those who love to worship them...

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