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Gia K

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  • Age: 34
  • Country: USA 🇺🇸
  • Email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • I'm: Hot 🌶️
  • Queue: 3 days

I'm just your regular next-door girl... One with thousands of freckles (wouldn't you just like to count them all and get lost?) and stunning blue eyes to kill!

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About me:

So to begin, my name is Gia. What makes me regular type next-door girl, you may wonder? Well, I've got brown hair for one and I'm 5'8 tall and 140 lbs and God shamelessly gave me junk in the trunk. I've got imperfections like scars, stretch marks, cellulite but true beauty is not giving a shit about it and accepting that they are truly on the regular among us. I've got tattoos as well. True, my freckles and blue eyes may make me slightly different. And yes, my eye color is real, I do not wear contacts. In fact, I wear glasses and my sight is terrible without them. Which works for me, I like the school-teacher look. And as killer and piercing my eyes are, I truly do hope they can melt your soul into nothing but little warm puddles of love as I have been told my eyes are trance-like, there's always something new to see from staring into windows of my soul.

I know I began this with saying I'm just one of the regular next-door type of girls because I do consider myself as "normal". I am laid-back, fun, people-pleasing and open. I think I am normal because of that. Because how many out there are laid-back, fun, open? Exactly. However, there is another aspect of me that is NOTHING like the regular, next-door girl. I'm betting you're sitting there trying to guess what I'm going to say next - and that I can't possibly have something so unique. But I say, wait for it. I am even confident I will probably be one of the most different girls you will know in your life. And I promise, not one you will ever forget either.

Are you ready? Here goes: I was born deaf. I cannot hear. Because of this, I can show you ways in which your fantasies may have different outlooks and perspectives. With this fresh (and perhaps intimidating) outlook to your fantasies, you may discover ways to be connected to your other senses that you may have neglected. Just imagine me telling you how to touch the panties I wore for YOU, feeling how the lace brushed against my clit and how my throat might feel with a vibration from a moan from playing with myself while wearing it. Now you own the panties. Can you imagine the scene with just feeling, seeing.... but ZERO hearing? I know you can do it, love, because you just did. See? I'm not wrong.

I also offer videos/tutorials of me signing dirty words or sentences in American Sign Language. Words and sentences can be customized to whatever you would like, including spelling of your name. Or even learning how to spell my name and incorporate it into your fantasies once you receive your order from me. I make your special order personal for you, you can make your fantasy personal for me which makes it an unforgettable moment tying us both. Always and forever.



What I sell:

Used Panties
Sign Language Videos (no masturbation, stripping, nudity type of videos)

My T&C:

Please email me anytime with items and your requests. Sending a link of the item is very helpful as it will direct me to what you want or an item similar to it. My inventory of panties may change at any given time. Email me to ensure the item in question is available still. I try my best with maintaining and updating the inventory but sometimes an item will be requested by two people at the same time. The person who messaged first will get priority. If the client passes or fails to pay, the panties will be available to the next person in line. I may have other panties that may be more of an attractive choice to you, such as different fabric, color, style. Don't be afraid to ask if I may have new arrivals that I have not posted yet. No item in my inventory is ever the same which is my goal: to provide UNIQUE service to you that will never be duplicated for someone else.

I accept e-gift cards and/or vouchers to many big-name companies (such as Amazon). I do not accept Paypal or bank transfers. Feel free to double check with me regard other types of payment as they may or may not be known to me or possible.

SHIPPING WITH L♥VE POLICY: Shipping is free in the US. International shipping will be $25.00. Your love order will be shipped immediately after completion. Tracking number for the US shipments will be provided the same day to give you the peace of mind and trust. Your love order will be packaged in an air-tight ziplock and packaged in a small white discreet bubble pack.

REFUND & RETURN IN BROKEN L♥VE POLICY: If there is ever a reason why you may not be in love with your love purchase, please contact me and I will be more than happy to work with you to come to a resolution so this will never happen again.

LOST L♥VE PACKAGE POLICY: In the instance of a lost package, it is always best to take in account of bad weather, natural disasters or holidays causing a slight delay before presuming that it is lost. It is also a good idea to check with your local USPS on the location of the package. The tracking number would be your strongest indication of where it may be at any given time. If it does, indeed, turn out to be a situation of a lost package, please contact me so we can remedy the situation as I do care about your happiness.



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