Ginger Robinson

 I am routinely addicted to my husband and we love to tease each other all day. We really love the sexy fetish life!

About Me: I am routinely addicted to my husband and we love to tease each other all day. We really love the sexy fetish life!

I am a redheaded (Scottish/Welsh), personal trainer! I love to model in boudoir shoots, and I am also a step mom of three (and a cute doberman). I am routinely addicted to my husband and we love to tease each other all day. We really love the sexy fetish life, and we feel like teenagers again when we're with each other. I have an instagram where I post all my boudoir photos, which makes me feel empowered as a feminine entity. (MrsGingerRobinson). I love vintage, I love to play on themes, like what holiday is coming up, for certain colors/brands. Everything is anonymous, I think that's what creates the mysterious allure. I have sold my used items before but this means new items to dirty! 

I am completely open to CUSTOM requests. I can wear your favorite cut of panties/socks/nylon/latex/gym wear/shoes....I take requests on how long you'd like me to wear, whether you want "Self love" in them, want me to play around with my husband, I'll even wipe with them if that tickles your fancy. I can bottle my own spit if it'll send you through the roof. I have a few pairs of Jordan's that I wear to the gym constantly, that I'd love give to a foot freak with a shoe obsession! The only things I'm not comfortable with are personal videos, webcam, blah blah blah. I am married and I am not looking to chat much, and respecting that will get you far with me! 

A cool thing I like to do, is to take 2 polaroid pictures (of me in the item you're buying) to add to your purchase for only 50 extra bucks, but these are YOUR own polaroids, no one else will get the photos but you, and it's like were in the 90's again. I just figure, you have the should have a personal pic of me in them too! 

The items I sell, the profit pays for my boudoir shoots. So it's a win-win for the both of us. It allows me to buy the more expensive fetish items (latex, toys, photoshoots), but also makes me feel super sexy and I work hard for my body and I like to show it off!

You are purchasing me, my erotic scent, but you're also buying my fetish, I love to be loved, worshipped, adored...So make me happy.

What I Sell:

PantyHose and Stockings
Used Panties
Bras and Lingerie
Socks and Foot Fetish items
Used Sex Toys

I accept : amazon gifts/vouchers, other brand vouchers (Victoria's Secret, etc)

Shipping Terms: Yes to international mailing! Packaging is anonymous, can ship through any major mail carrier at expense of buyer.

Refund Policy: To refund before items are sent is 100% refundable. Refund after item is received, same day return is 50% refundable. After 24 hours of delivery no refund. I know the quality of my item and I know you won't need to refund.

Lost Parcel Policy: Proof of item being lost or redirected, we can talk about a refund or reship of a different item.

No PayPal!! No Venmo!



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