Genuine panty sellers are debunking used panties selling myths published on magazines & tabloids. "Get real" they say!

Debunking the myth of easy money & $5K earnings from selling one worn panty

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There is a lot of misrepresentation surrounding the fetish industry, with articles being written about the 'Ease of panty selling' and claims of girls making $5000 from selling just one pair of panties. And certain T.V. shows depicting panty sellers as scammers, who are just out make some fast cash.

It's so frustrating for girls like myself, who work hard within the panty-selling industry, to read about these fictitious claims. So I'd like to try to give a more realistic account of panty selling with a view to help set the record straight & hopefully debunk the myth of easy money and wild earning claims.

As a student studying dance, my little sideline job of panty selling has helped me through uni and with extra dance tuition/clothing/shoes/travel costs etc. And as an established seller, I now have a nice little sideline from it, but it has
taken years and lots of hard work to build my business to what it is today and it definitely hasn't happened overnight.

My worn panties now start from £24.98 which I've gradually increased over my time selling and is a far cry from the fictitious £1000 panty sale claims that have been thrown around to get your attention.

Most of my orders range anywhere from £35 to £100+ the bigger orders usually involve lots of customisation and the taking and editing of many photos, which as you can imagine, all takes  time, dedication and a certain enjoyment of it all. Because if there's not some element of fun involved, you'll probably lack the motivation to do it.

It's great being your own boss, I really love that aspect, I also enjoy what I do and feel so lucky to have some lovely
customers, including some fantastic regulars, who give me the most wonderful reviews - it's very rewarding. But
unfortunately, I've also come across others who aren't so nice - wanting something for nothing: free photos, money off
panties or just trying to engage in free sex talk.

We in the industry call these people time-wasters and if you're a panty seller it's pretty much guaranteed you'll come up against one sooner or later.

Thankfully I'm a member of Panty Trust, a wonderful community of fellow panty sellers who offer support, advice, and protection, for both buyers and sellers. It's really fabulous to be a part of such a supportive group of ladies - who offer help with any panty related (or even non-panty related) problem you may have.

It was (and still is) so helpful to me when I first started selling and I would highly recommend it to any new panty seller, who wants to trade ethically and offer the best possible service and protection possible to her buyers.

In short, there is money to be made from panty selling, of course, but not the £1000 per pair the media has reported. Like with anything, you get out what you put into this industry. And you have to like what you do and be prepared to work hard or it won't be much fun and you probably won't last long.

This certainly isn't the job for someone looking to Make £10000 Fast for very little work. But if you're willing to work hard, love pretty panties ;) and like the thought of selling them, then it can be tons of fun and massively rewarding!

Jessica, selling used panties since 2011
Country: UK
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