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News: Aaliyah's autumn collection

The leaves are falling from the trees, and my clothes are still falling from me! I love this time of year so much, it get a bit colder but it means I can wear my sexiest underwear under my clothes to keep me warm yet smoulder seductively at the same time ;) It's the perfect time for sculpting lace corsets, silken stockings and suspender belts, making me feel such a naughty girl secretly stroking myself at my lunch break or whilst on the ride home.

Knowing that I am wearing my new lingerie for someone to lust over turns me on so much I cant wait to get home, slip out of my clothes and pose for the camera to make all their dirty dreams come true! I'm adding new items as often as I can, and would love to wear something for you- which is why I'm now including FREE naughty pics from my XXX collection with every item purchased :)

News:  I've got lots and lots of beautiful new panties just waiting to get all creamy and cummy

Hello boys ;) I'm going on holiday from the 15th-29th of September so I wont be around to get my panties deliciously dirty for you naughty boys!

I'll be taking orders again from the 2nd of October. I've got lots and lots of beautiful new panties just waiting to get all creamy and cummy especially for you. There's everything your heart desires.......from sensual satin, luscious lace and basic cotton classics, you'll be truly spoilt for choice!

Keep a lookout for an extra special offer, a Panty Trust exclusive! Not available anywhere else but here.
I won't spoil the surprise and give away the identity of my mystery item but think....soft, sensual, seductive and the best of both worlds......Intrigued? Check my classifieds on October 2nd to find out what it is :o

News:  Aaliyah’s sexy summer sale!

Summer is finally here and I'm loving the weather so much, the less clothes the better in my opinion...
My panties are getting extra wet and sweaty in this heat, I have to change them much more frequently after my daily workouts and stuffy days in the office at work. Sometimes it’s just more comfy to sneakily take them off, put them in my handbag and go au naturel for the rest of the day! Summer always brings out my naughty side, my libido always seems to increase and I’m always hornier than ever, I just want to be touched so badly…

Because I’m getting through so many pairs it seems a waste to let all their luscious scent and juices go to waste in the wash every day, that is why I am offering ‘buy 1 pair, get £5 off the 2nd pair.’ All of my panties are £15 including UK delivery (worldwide is a small charge) and you can pick/ request any pair that you please, I am open to suggestions.

News: Brand New Used Panty Website!

I've been working hard over the last few weeks and it's finally here, my new website: http://glampanties.com

As always, you will find a lot of stuff you can expect from me, such as great used panties, lingerie and other sexy clothing. There are also pre-made naughty video clips and picture sets, but you can of course hire me as your porn star and I can make something especially fo r you - the way you want it.

But there is also a few new features on the website, such as Angie's Panty Club: http://glampanties.com/portfolio/panty-club/

I am sure you will like this new look and hope you will find there something you like! Get in touch and let me know what you think.

News: Never Fear Panty Fans.

Never Fear Panty Fans. My site is only down for the moment as I make some significant changes and updates. It's all good! I am not leaving the net.

Several of my favorite plug ins have ceased working correctly and I want to make improvements for your total enjoyment.

This process will likely take me a few days as I make adjustments and changes. I want to do this offline, so that I can work at my own pace, stop and enjoy my panties and photos and ensure the new site is the best it can be!

So enjoy my photos on Panty Trust.

Enjoy my photos on Twitter and if you ask real nicely, I will add a photo or two to my photostream on Twitter.

Nice Comments and encouragement are appreciated!

See you on the net again, very soon!

News: Get sniffing some festival panties of mine

Next weekend I am going to a festival for four days and you can have your chance to get sniffing some festival panties of mine. I will be wearing a fresh pair of panties for each day, and each of them will be wrapped around my vertical smile containing all of my lovely juices for you to indulge in.

They will smell even more glorious than usual as I will be sweating in the hot baking sun, whilst also moshing (head-banging) to my favourite bands.

For your chance to grab a pair and know more details, send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. but hurry, because they will go fast!

On a first come, first served basis.


(while supplies last)

Happy Spring to all you panty lovers out there! Now that my favorite season of the year has finally won it's war against winter, I feel it is time to celebrate new beginnings. My panty bin is filled with outdated panties that I just have not seemed to be able to let go of. I am now offering them at a steal.

Most of the panties in this sale are 100% cotton and are various colors. Some are bikini cut and others are high waisted full backs. I have had some of these panties long enough that the color has faded from the crotches!

Purchase this special for $25 and you will receive 3 random pairs of my old panties, of my choosing. I will wear them for 24 hours each on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and mail them to you no later than that following Tuesday. My strongest scent is created while I am at work, because I work in a warehouse for 12 hours a day.

I would love your help, so contact me via my classifieds or my verification page.