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News: Get sniffing some festival panties of mine

Next weekend I am going to a festival for four days and you can have your chance to get sniffing some festival panties of mine. I will be wearing a fresh pair of panties for each day, and each of them will be wrapped around my vertical smile containing all of my lovely juices for you to indulge in.

They will smell even more glorious than usual as I will be sweating in the hot baking sun, whilst also moshing (head-banging) to my favourite bands.

For your chance to grab a pair and know more details, send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. but hurry, because they will go fast!

On a first come, first served basis.


(while supplies last)

Happy Spring to all you panty lovers out there! Now that my favorite season of the year has finally won it's war against winter, I feel it is time to celebrate new beginnings. My panty bin is filled with outdated panties that I just have not seemed to be able to let go of. I am now offering them at a steal.

Most of the panties in this sale are 100% cotton and are various colors. Some are bikini cut and others are high waisted full backs. I have had some of these panties long enough that the color has faded from the crotches!

Purchase this special for $25 and you will receive 3 random pairs of my old panties, of my choosing. I will wear them for 24 hours each on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and mail them to you no later than that following Tuesday. My strongest scent is created while I am at work, because I work in a warehouse for 12 hours a day.

I would love your help, so contact me via my classifieds or my verification page.

News: I'm Aaliyah and I've been a panty girl for about 2 months now and I'm really enjoying it!

I love talking to new people, taking pics and also love how dirty all this makes me feel... thinking about how many naughty fantasies I'm making come true sends a shiver down my spine! I just want to be lusted over by you ;)

I sell a wide range of panties including full backs, thongs, French knickers, in lace, cotton, satin, ect- take a look at my classifieds by going on to my panty trust page http://www.pantytrust.com/aaliyah.html and see if anything takes your fancy. I LOVE getting requests (it makes it very personal which I like :))and will happily get them in for you, just send me a message This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll do my very best to satisfy you. All panties come with a couple of free pics of me wearing your item to get you excited whilst you wait for your delivery.

I am now also doing pics, I have a few albums including slippery wet shower pics, pussy close ups, me playing with my vibrators/butt plug or both, schoolgirl with no underwear, bj shots and loads more! I've spent hours taking them so you can have plenty to choose from. Also I do custom pics, Im a very open minded girl and like trying naughty new things however rude!! Just let me know what sort of thing you'd like- I'd love to hear from you xxxxxxx
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

News: New Sexy Stock and April Special!

New Sexy Stock and April Special!

Let's start with the April Special: Buy 2 Items from my collection and Get My Naughty Video Clip Free! You can choose from my list of video clips: https://glampanties.wordpress.com/videos/

All videos are in Stunning 1080 Full HD, recorded with DSLR.

On top of that, please make sure you check out my fantastick new stock! Lots of sexy outfits, lingerie, panties, and lots of fetish items.

All my prices include 1 day wear, a personal note with a photo and UK delivery (min £3 extra overseas); every £1 counts towards VIP Status!

As a professional Go-Go dancer, I change my outfits a few times every night, so I have worn each item here at least few times for my erotic performances. Most of my outfits are slightly tattered, some of them may have bit of perfume smell, I am sure you will love it!


News: I have a new website! And I am excited to be sharing even more of my yummy panties ;-).

I have a new website! And I am excited to be sharing even more of my yummy panties ;-).


As a way to say thank you for visiting it and picking out a pair, if you mention this ad when purchasing a panty, I will include a FREE short video clip with your purchase (about a minute long).

Sometime during those few days that I wear the panty, I will record this teasing video clip, just for your eyes only.

I normally don't offer very many, if any, videos. But boy are they sooo much better than pics, dont you think? ;-). Once you have my panty in your face and this video on constant repeat, you will be hooked.

Seductress Jess

News: Hi horny boys! To celebrate the arrival of spring

Hi horny boys! To celebrate the arrival of spring, I've lowered my prices on many of my naughty novelties! As always, I still offer FREE vacuum sealing on virtually everything, lots of FREE pics with almost everything, and FREE pussypops with all panties/pantyhose/bikinis/lingerie sets/workout shorts!

My Dirty Delight Offerings
Panties: $20
Bras: $20-$30
Lingerie Top & Panty Sets: $40
Pantyhose: $20
Stockings: $10
Socks, Footies, Footlets: $10
Shoes of all types, including sweaty sneakers: $10-$100
Bikinis: $40
Sports bras: $20
Workout/yoga shorts (worn without panties): $20
Tanktops: $20
Domination Tasks Customized to You
Video Clips
Photo Sets
Audio Clips
Autographed Prints (existing or customized)
Cock Rings: $20
Condoms Used With My Sex Toys: $20
Pussypops, Asspops, Toepops: $20
Chapsticks Used on My Mouth, Pussy, Asshole, or Toes: $20
Pussy Stuffed, Assflossed, or Toe Swiped Fine Cotton Handkerchiefs: $20
Pussy Stuffed, Assflossed, or Toe Swiped Neckties: $20
Pussy Stuffed, Assflossed, or Toe Swiped Cotton Swatches: $20
Locks of My Hair: $20
Hair Accessories (Brushes, Combs, Hair Ties, Ribbons, Clips, Barettes, etc.) $1-$20
Jewelry: $5-$10
Fingernail/Toenail Clippings: $10
Nail Files: $5
Toothbrushs Used on My Mouth, Pussy, Asshole, or Toes: $20
Spat Mints, Drinks (Swished), Food (Chewed): $5+
Toilet Paper: $20-$30
Q-Tips: $10
Floss: $10
Razors: $10
Foot Dust: $10
Vials of Sink Water I Soaked My Pussy in (no soap used): $10
Vials of Mineral Rich HOT SPRINGS Water I Soaked My Whole Body in (4+ hours in a private tub): $10
Cosmetics & Perfume: $10-$20
Garters: $30 (Only one available)
Dresses: $20+
Leggings: $30
Slips & Nightgowns: $30
Satin bedsheets Used For A Month (Masturbate on/have sex on – your choice): $100
Items of Your Choosing on Amazon: TBD
Especially Filthy Treats (Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to hear about these)
...Don't be shy – If you don't see what you're craving, tell me what delicacy would make my boy happy! I haven't said no yet! :)

Here's all the sexy souvenirs I have waiting for you:

See my list of customization options, video/photo sets/audio file menus, specials I have going on, and easy order instructions:


Beginning February 1st, ALL my used panties are just $20! I have nearly 200 sexy pairs listed to choose from! A huge selection of all colors, all styles, and all fabrics!

As always, every panty cums with LOTS of free pics (uncensored & including pussy closeups), free vacuum sealing, and if gifting via money transfer - even a free pussypop w/ closeup pics!

I've retweaked the prices on many other delicacies too! Almost everything cums with LOTS of free pics & free vacuum sealing!

See my profile for ordering info: www.pantytrust.com/Lana

See all my ads: http://www.pantytrust.com/used-panties-classified/foot-fetish/user/346-lana