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I laughed at how ridiculous this particular magazine article sounded

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I came across this particular article below when I was traveling to a meeting and at first I laughed at how ridiculous it sounded but actually when I read it again it made me a little concerned if not a bit angry.

Woman makes £50,000 from selling dirty panties per year
Is panty selling lucrative and can you really make £50,000 a year?

In relation to other adult industry activities it is not going to rake in a small fortune in a short space of time. Unlike webcamming which I found can be lucrative from the onset (I think I made £250 from my first 2 hour session) it takes time to build a used panty business. You can only sell 7 days worth of panty wear per week. This is also taking into account those days as a woman when you are out of action, because believe me period panties are really not that popular; I have sold 4 pairs over 4 years!   

For those new sellers that are looking to get into the used panty business and expecting the sales to fly in; it takes time to establish a customer base and from experience and relationships with many other panty sellers the market is unpredictable.

I have been selling used panties for over 4 years now and I do have a steady flow of business and usually have a queue, but it wasn't always that way and A LOT of effort has to go into growing your customer base and maintaining it. At the very start you do get interest from buyers wanting to try out a "new" seller, but this also brings the notorious timewasters and those looking to prey on the lack of experience of new sellers.

Not only is sifting through these emails time consuming you also have to put in quite a bit of work at the onset taking photos of your items and creating a website or a profile on a used panty selling platform.   

The claims of selling panties for £100 per pair may be possible as a one off every now and then but there is generally an accepted "price" for 24 hours wear for UK used panties at around £15-20. Sadly as a general rule, most buyers will not pay £100 per day for your used panties. You may be able to add on extras such as longer wear to a sale but if you use the £15 a day for 7 days a week figure,  once you do the calculations you can see yes it’s a nice amount of side income but not mega bucks or going to bring in £50,000!

Will you be able to sell a pair panties daily? Probably not; for the first year I was probably selling 2 to 3 pairs a week as a maximum.  

As a member of PantyTrust I have access to help forums and this article came up for discussion on there too. The views of other established reputable panty sellers echoed my own experience in terms of the market and amount of sales.

There was something other than the exaggerated figures that really bothered my though. The article seemed to be based on inflated truths and actually tarnishes the reputation of those trustworthy panty sellers.  For buyers this is extremely worrying to see a panty seller admitting that she has a “special solution” to replicate the scent and appearance for wearing panties.

As a panty seller I can’t tell you how cross this makes me as ALL of my panties are 100% my own scent and juices and I always wear for the length of time agreed with a customer. It actually makes me really disappointed that someone is bragging to this unethical behavior in a national newspaper like this and spoils the reputation of all sellers. For new nervous buyers hearing claims like this , it makes them question the genuine products of myself and other sellers like my Panty Trust ladies who take pride in preparing REAL used panties.

I know my customers know what a real pair of used panties smell like which is why I wear my used panties and when they receive the product they are always satisfied and know they are receiving the real deal.

So if it’s not the most lucrative activity in the adult industry why do you do it I hear you ask?
The reason is I genuinely enjoy selling my used panties, I always have and I always will. I do webcam but at times webcamming can get physically and mentally draining which is why I take a break from it.

Whereas selling my used panties I never tire of, I still 4 years on find it a thrill and you can be assured when I seal up your panties and then hand them over at the post office I always have a smile on my face.


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