Genuine panty sellers are debunking used panties selling myths published on magazines & tabloids. "Get real" they say!

The newspapers say you can make £2,000 per month but this is utter rubbish

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Panty Selling is not for the faint hearted. It takes commitment: commitment to your limitations, boundaries, clients, advertising, quality of service, consistency and the list goes on. We work in this world because we love it.

The fact that we make money from it is a secondary bonus, much like anyone else on this Earth who is lucky enough to find something they enjoy a huge amount and manages to get paid; they would most likely do it in some capacity even if the financial rewards were slim and quite often, they can be!

The media’s sensationalist, commercially driven take on this profession (and yes, it is a profession, folks) is that you wear something for a day, bag it, ship it and cash in big…right? WRONG. If it were as simple as the papers say, we would all be doing it.

The fetish world is vast and takes all sorts – there are people out there who undoubtedly try to get into it because they see what the newspapers say about £500 days and £2,000 months, but this really is utter rubbish in the most part. Sure, there may be highly-established individuals working across a multitude of fetish sectors whom are making very good money from it, but even if we were able to make that kind of money from selling our clothing alone, the one thing the media will never talk about is the host of responsibilities and considerations each seller contends with on a day-to-day basis.

This sector is not full simply of adoration and customers falling at your feet to shower you with compliments. Unfortunately, we open ourselves to a level of abuse from some who think that, just because we do what we do, we are allowing ourselves to be objectified; insulted; propositioned with inappropriate and sometimes intimidating language over email.

There are some unpleasant folk out there, there are also timewasters who engage in a week or more of emails, receiving quotes, asking for freebies and then disappearing off the face of the Earth. We also are affected by our own mood, feelings of desirability, our health, our energy, availability due to other commitments, dependents and allsorts.

But…..we do it because we love it and, as with anything you love doing, you take the rough with the smooth.

I wish I could tell you that selling used panties is easy money, a few photos and a nice bank balance at the end of each week. I wish I could tell you that it is secure and regular income, but it isn’t. The only reason anyone should get into this area of work is if they genuinely adore the idea of someone enjoying their items.

They would need to be okay with the prospect of building online-only friendships and companionships with some regular individuals, be happy to have some of their customers confide in them, offload their problems, past experiences; ultimately, regular customers start to see you as a friend and you have to be willing to be a friend to them back, enjoying that connection and wanting to maintain it.

I wouldn’t change it for the world, but I have to be clear as many of us have, that what the media print about our world is woefully inaccurate.

Don’t believe the hype. As with anything you want to pursue in life, find the love for it first and you’ve cracked it!

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