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News: Get sniffing some festival panties of mine

Next weekend I am going to a festival for four days and you can have your chance to get sniffing some festival panties of mine. I will be wearing a fresh pair of panties for each day, and each of them will be wrapped around my vertical smile containing all of my lovely juices for you to indulge in.

They will smell even more glorious than usual as I will be sweating in the hot baking sun, whilst also moshing (head-banging) to my favourite bands.

For your chance to grab a pair and know more details, send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. but hurry, because they will go fast!

On a first come, first served basis.

Wednesday, 07 June 2017 07:00

I love to treat my used panty lovers

I love to treat my used panty lovers so instead of a flash sale this month I am offering a £5 off deal which will run all through June.

For June I am offering £5 off ALL lace pairs of underwear on my site. Therefore instead of £20 worn 24 hours, 4 photos and UK delivery I am offering all lace pairs for £15 including all of this. There are over 35 pairs of lace panties and thongs on my site so plenty of choice and you can purchase this offer more than once.

News: This month I am running a 2for1 deal on my delicious sweaty gym socks!

This month I am running a 2for1 deal on my delicious sweaty gym socks! It may be chilly where you live but it's always sunny and warm where I am! My socks are shipped sealed so they're still damp when they arrive! Need more? I have all kinds of different socks available for purchase! Just email me and I will send you photos! I also sell panties, Shoes, & Pantyhose! I accept payment in the form of Amazon Giftcards!

#usedpantiesadvent A Special Offer Every Day in December
A used panty treat for my panty lovers. Following the success of this last year I will be running my annual Used Panty Advent Calendar in 2018 too.
This means that every day in December I will be opening the door of my advent calendar and offering a discount or special treat on used panties. This treat or deal will be only valid for that particular day only.

Thursday, 02 February 2017 17:36

My website is back online and waiting for you

My website is back online and waiting for you.  I have taken the time to rebuild slowly and over the coming weeks will be adding loads more panty photos, several new specials.
While the site has a different layout-- which is cleaner and more user friendly. My hope is it will be easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Thursday, 25 September 2014 02:37



Want to get all the heavenly smells and tastes from my entire gorgeous body?
I'm offering you my full body treatment, a complete sampler set in one delicious surprise package!
Each package will include:
-1 item from my wet hot pink tight pussy
-1 item from my big beautiful full tits
-1 item from my pretty pouty lucious mouth
-1 item from my perfect little sexy feet
-1 extra activity option
-TONS of high res pics
Q: What types of items may be included?
-The pussy item may be a panty, lolly, swatch, workout shorts worn without panties, condom used with my vibrator, or bikini bottoms.
-The titty item may be a bra, sports bra, tassels, lingerie top, or bikini top.
-The mouth item may be a toothbrush, a cotton ball, or gum.
-The foot item may be socks, shoes, footies, stockings, or fishnets.
-The activity you get to choose. It can be masturbation or stuffed in my pussy (swatches, condoms, and lollies will already have this treatment). It can be worked out in, cream pied in, spit on, peed on, ass flossed with, or something else you dream up for me.
Q: Does everything have to be a surprise?
Not everything. If you so choose...you may specify two items/types of items that you've just gotta have included and two items you definitely do not want included.
Q: How long will the tasty treats be worn for?
Items which require wearing will be for 24 hours, unless additional time is paid for.
Q: Are you getting a discount for buying the Full Body Experience Special?
YES! You're paying less than it would cost to buy each sexy souvenir separately! I will make absolute sure of it. I love to spoil the fella who spoils me!
Q: What is the cost?
Just $75!
Shipping to the US: $10
Shipping internationally: $25
Q: Deal! How do I order?
Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. telling me you want the Full Body Experience Special...
Tell me what two things/type of things to absolutely include, what two to definitely leave out, and what extra activity you'd like me to do in them.

Let the fun begin!

Here's all the sexy souvenirs that may be included:

Friday, 10 July 2015 23:07

Aaliyah’s sexy summer sale!

News:  Aaliyah’s sexy summer sale!

Summer is finally here and I'm loving the weather so much, the less clothes the better in my opinion...
My panties are getting extra wet and sweaty in this heat, I have to change them much more frequently after my daily workouts and stuffy days in the office at work. Sometimes it’s just more comfy to sneakily take them off, put them in my handbag and go au naturel for the rest of the day! Summer always brings out my naughty side, my libido always seems to increase and I’m always hornier than ever, I just want to be touched so badly…

Because I’m getting through so many pairs it seems a waste to let all their luscious scent and juices go to waste in the wash every day, that is why I am offering ‘buy 1 pair, get £5 off the 2nd pair.’ All of my panties are £15 including UK delivery (worldwide is a small charge) and you can pick/ request any pair that you please, I am open to suggestions.


(while supplies last)

Happy Spring to all you panty lovers out there! Now that my favorite season of the year has finally won it's war against winter, I feel it is time to celebrate new beginnings. My panty bin is filled with outdated panties that I just have not seemed to be able to let go of. I am now offering them at a steal.

Most of the panties in this sale are 100% cotton and are various colors. Some are bikini cut and others are high waisted full backs. I have had some of these panties long enough that the color has faded from the crotches!

Purchase this special for $25 and you will receive 3 random pairs of my old panties, of my choosing. I will wear them for 24 hours each on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and mail them to you no later than that following Tuesday. My strongest scent is created while I am at work, because I work in a warehouse for 12 hours a day.

I would love your help, so contact me via my classifieds or my verification page.

News: Do you want a *free* pair of my worn panties?

Do you want a *free* pair of my worn panties?
Follow me on @DaisyDeelite THEN tweet or retweet Daisy with the hashtag #DaisyDeelite - once I gets to 1000 followers, I will randomly pick the luck winner of a free pair of my sexy used panties.

It's that simple!
Worn for 24 hours, I will give you a choice of panties to choose from if you win.

Good Luck!

News: This coming weekend is the Renaissance Faire and My favorite Seamstress is coming to town

This coming weekend is the Renaissance Faire and My favorite Seamstress is coming to town! I need funds for a shopping spree for this weekend! (I have a corset habit)
I am offering Panty Subscriptions Special for this event!
I will send you a pair of panties that you pick from my ads each month.
These Panties will have the whole show: 48 HOURS of Wear, Worked out in, Cum in, and Stuffed in my Pussy before being zip locked or vacuum sealed (your choice for packing, please ask if you want the "pee in"(add $5 in this promo).

A pair of these panties with all the add ons run $66-$81 each with shipping.
My Renaissance Fair Special
1 pair $45
3 months $125
6 months $200
If times need to shift during the month for any reason or particular calendar days, please just let me know! Otherwise your order will be shipping the same day each month. I will always email you to let you know I've started your order and again when I've shipped. (I reserve the right to shift your order dates for the "red flow" but I will let you know if this happens.)

Shipping is $6 each order, using USPS Priority. FREE Ship for Direct Purchase. Direct purchase is billed as SQC*frogona...

Extras included for anyone who's completed order & payment by the end of 10/7. The special runs all month long. I only ship to the USA at this time.

Panty Trust Classifieds for Silver


Happy ‘Pantyversary’ to Me!  Well naughty boys, August sees my first used panty selling birthday (boy does time fly when you’re having fun!) and what a first year I’ve had!

Thursday, 07 January 2016 21:34

New Videos & Photo Sets!

New Videos & Photo Sets!

I had a lot of wet, hot, cumtastic fun over the past year and a lot of it was captured in my videos & photo sets! So to help ring in the new year, I'm offering up some brand new ones to keep us both cumming over & over:

Video Menu
I love bringing your fantasies to life! Here's how it works: The videos are 1080p HD - high quality so you can see every dirty detail! They can be up to 11 mins each (I can make longer vids – they'll just need to be split up). I send them to your email address via Googledrive (no sign up required) for you to watch instantly & re-watch!

Wednesday, 08 February 2017 02:34

Kaylee's 1 year anniversary sale!

**Kaylee's 1 year anniversary sale!**

This month I have been selling my lovely fetish items for 1 year!

To celebrate I'm having a big sale!!

Friday, 11 January 2019 00:03

Used Panties January Sale. All pairs £14

I promised good things in 2019 and I’m starting the New Year with a very special offer! All used panties will be £14 in January. That’s right £6 off my usual used panty price.

I know after Christmas most people have a little hangover on the bank balance, however you do not need to go on a used panty detox. I hope my little sale will give all my panty lovers a little fix to get them through what can often be a little bit of a boring month. So this used panty January Sale will last all month!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014 10:35

News: Treat yourself to Lacey's Christmas Box

News: Treat yourself to Lacey's Christmas Box

Its nearly that time of year again when all that Santa brings you is a pair of ill fitting boxer shorts and you get to watch the office "hotty" you wanted to kiss under the mistletoe at the works Christmas party, get rammed by your boss over the photocopier.
Don't worry! Treat yourself to Lacey's Christmas Box and bury your Yule tide sorrows in my soft pussy parcel and have yourself a very merry Christmas. A pair of see-through silky full back panties, a G string, net tights, a Lacey napkin and photos, all in one pretty box.
See my classifieds or website for details and treat yourself this Christmas.


News: Everyone's A Winner In Lauryn's Birthday Dirty Panties Raffle!

Everyone's A Winner In Lauryn's Birthday Panties Raffle!
Your resident curvy, flirty American girl Lauryn has a birthday coming up -- I want to celebrate by doing something a little different with my panties. So I'm hosting a raffle! The winner will get to choose a pair of panties from my collection worn just for them -- but all entries will get something special.

◾One entry ($5): Panty teasing photo set
◾Two entries ($9): Panty teasing video
◾Three entries ($13): Explicit video
◾Five entries ($20): Explicit video AND a small scent swatch mailed to you

Also, all regular panty purchases during that time will get two free entries into the raffle for another pair!
Got questions? Wanna enter? Can't wait for your panty fix? Get in touch me with on Twitter @laurynsknickers or visit my website at www.laurynsknickers.com.

News: I have just acquired several pairs of these lovely, satin like bikini panties

I have just acquired several pairs of these lovely, satin like bikini panties. I know so many panty lovers and panty fiends LOVE satin. These lovely jewel toned panties fit like a dream. NIce and snug, with a cotton gusset, to absorb all the good stuff and the fabric stretched ever so gently to cup my gorgeous curves.

For the month of November I plan to not wear these-- saving them for my buyers. After November-- all bets are off and I am wearing these beauties like they are going out of style. So don't wait-- make them yours today.

Additional information can be found on my website-- http://portiaspanties.com/2014/11/02/new-panties-jewel-tone-silky-satin-november-panties/

Let's warm up November with sultry scented satin panties!

News: I'm Aaliyah and I've been a panty girl for about 2 months now and I'm really enjoying it!

I love talking to new people, taking pics and also love how dirty all this makes me feel... thinking about how many naughty fantasies I'm making come true sends a shiver down my spine! I just want to be lusted over by you ;)

I sell a wide range of panties including full backs, thongs, French knickers, in lace, cotton, satin, ect- take a look at my classifieds by going on to my panty trust page http://www.pantytrust.com/aaliyah.html and see if anything takes your fancy. I LOVE getting requests (it makes it very personal which I like :))and will happily get them in for you, just send me a message This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll do my very best to satisfy you. All panties come with a couple of free pics of me wearing your item to get you excited whilst you wait for your delivery.

I am now also doing pics, I have a few albums including slippery wet shower pics, pussy close ups, me playing with my vibrators/butt plug or both, schoolgirl with no underwear, bj shots and loads more! I've spent hours taking them so you can have plenty to choose from. Also I do custom pics, Im a very open minded girl and like trying naughty new things however rude!! Just let me know what sort of thing you'd like- I'd love to hear from you xxxxxxx
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hello to all the loyal and wonderful customers here on Panty Trust. It’s that time of year to give thanks to my PT clients and newcomers! For the entire month of November I will be having a Thanksgiving savings sale!

News: I'm offering a free gift with each order! A Pussy Pop!

Hi! I'm Lana, a bran new member and I'm very excited to be sharing my sexy panties and other playthings.
I'm offering a free gift with each order. When you buy ANY panty, bra, pantyhose, socks, or other naughty novelty you not only receive emailed photos but you also get a Lolly!  Each Lolly gets a generous coating of my sweet juices & aromas.
Best of all, you can take it to work or out in public. Have a smell while standing next to your co-worker! Have a taste while talking to your boss! Now that's a sexy way to get through the workday!

Just mention code FREELANALOLLY when placing your order.

Lana xx

News: It’s my birthday! I’m giving away a pair of my used knickers!

Well, it’s on the 9th March, but I’ve got a little birthday treat going on all week for you lucky lot…
I’m giving away a pair of my used panties totally free to one lucky panty-lover! The winner can choose any pair of panties they like and they’ll come with the usual three pictures of me wearing them and posted off to a new home! This offer is only available to UK customers due to shipping cost reasons, sorry international panty lovers :( All you need to do is follow the instructions below, and on Monday 10th March I’ll put all the entries into a bowl and pick out the winner on video! Piece of cake! (Of the birthday kind!) ;)

To enter my birthday giveaway, all you need to do is visit this link www.doctorthong.com/birthday and follow the instructions!

Good luck!

Dr Thong x

Hi Used Panty Lovers,

Are you or would you like to be a regular Used Panties customer -a VIP! - and receive my used panties once a month or more?

I like to reward my loyal VIPs with some extra treats. So, here's what I'd like to treat you with:

1st order- a straight up, honest-to-goodness panty order. £20 for used panties + p&p cost + cost of any extras required.

All subsequent orders within a month of first/most recent order - £20 for used panties + p&p cost + 2 free extras.

News: Angel's Delicious juice soaked pussy pop, photos and dirty panties offers!

For September only you can pre order 3 x panties or thongs with 1 extra each for only £40!!!
Receive 1 randomly chosen panty or thong from my extensive collection for 3 months with your choice of extra AND each item comes with a delicious juice soaked pussy pop and 3 photographs each month sent via email of me wearing your dirty panties.

Each pair you receive will be worn for 24 hours along with your choice of extra.

You can choose between...........

1 - Played in
2 - A Hot and Sweaty Gym Session
3 - Pussy Stuffed
4 - Pee Scented

To take up this amazing offer simply let me know what item and extra you'd prefer for September, October and November.

I will send you your first item on an agreed upon date then on or around that date for each other month. I ALWAYS let you know when i've slipped into your panties and i ALWAYS send proof of postage via email.

Don't delay.....Order today ;)

I'm having a Penny Sale! It's time to say goodbye to the UK... I'm moving back to my native sunny Australia, and I just don't have enough space for all these used panties to come along with me.
I need a little help from all you Panty Lovers! ;)

For this month only, I'm offering a 15% discount on ALL my items: panties, clothing, extras, custom photos, photo sets... all of it! With this offer, my panties are now £17 instead of £20 for 24 hours wear and a complimentary photo.
Remember, the discount is offered on all my extras too!

News: Cereza, horny and naughty Latina joins Panty Trust

Hey fetish follower of Panty Trust, I'm Cereza and I'm kind of new in the selling panty world, but I can tell you that I'm a real horny and naughty latina that want to give you the chance to smell my precious and exotic scent.
I have some nice item you might want to check out, take a good look at that body 100% natural and if you like me, then, let me know and rate me!

Tuesday, 04 October 2016 21:33

News: Sing to Me happy birthday!

October is My Birthday Month.
A lady's age is a secret but as a hint- its a milestone (ish). Of course will be expecting the usual wishlist items to trickle in and random gifts but I thought I would offer something back to my adoring panty lovers, old and maybe new.

Monday, 17 October 2016 21:09

Halloween is the sexiest holiday

It brings out the sexy, goth witch side of my already very naughty and perverse personality.
So, in honor of All Hollows' Eve, from October 15-31st I’m offering a BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF Halloween Promo on all of my gorgeously goth black cotton panties.

News: I am sure we can have amazing fun with my panties

It is Spring and I have added all new panties to My Lingerie Chest. Lots of pretty, silky, charming panties on http://portiaspanties.com/my-lingerie-chest

Most of the panties are brand new to me and will be set aside and held for my buyers. A few of the panties I have listed are from my exsisting collection and have some experience. They are still in great shape and I know my buyers will enjoy them too.  For spring I have streamlined my pricing and panties now range in price from $25-$45, inclusive of US shipping.

I wear my panties for 36 hours. I find this offers just the right amount of wear. I am willing to extend that window to 48 hours for a slightly higher price.
I include members only access with your first panty purchase. My members enjoy exclusive panty offers and extra Show Me Saturday photos and other sweet surprises.
All panties come with verification photos.
Check out my new panties and get in touch. I am sure we can have amazing fun with my used panties. Portia xx

As the summer temperatures climb, my page is heating up! Now that I'm getting in the swing of things, I love selling my panties, and I want you to get to enjoy them too. So for a limited time, I'm offering a deal just for Panty Trust buyers!

The Easter Bunny has come early to my Panty Trust page! Throughout April, I’m offering an amazing 10% off all of my goods and services! Don’t say I never treat you horny little devils ;)
That’s 10% off the listed price on EVERYTHING! I’m even including 10% off any enhancements you add to your order e.g. extra days wear and 10% off custom orders.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014 08:00

News: Panty Seller Daisy Unmasked!

News: Panty Seller Daisy Unmasked!

Do you want to know what I look like?
Buy any pair of my panties an you will receive a free set of 5 photos, including my face!
This is a one time offer.... No one has actually seen my face before!
Do you wonder what I looks like? Well now is your chance to see me!
All you have to do is buy a pair of my used panties!

Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. explaining that you have seen the News and about how excited you are to see me!
xx Daisy

News: I have a new website! And I am excited to be sharing even more of my yummy panties ;-).

I have a new website! And I am excited to be sharing even more of my yummy panties ;-).


As a way to say thank you for visiting it and picking out a pair, if you mention this ad when purchasing a panty, I will include a FREE short video clip with your purchase (about a minute long).

Sometime during those few days that I wear the panty, I will record this teasing video clip, just for your eyes only.

I normally don't offer very many, if any, videos. But boy are they sooo much better than pics, dont you think? ;-). Once you have my panty in your face and this video on constant repeat, you will be hooked.

Seductress Jess

News: Is Halloween your favorite holiday too?

Is Halloween your favorite holiday too? Costumes are expensive these days! But I always thought I'd make a good Cinderella, another gal with a shoe fetish! ;)

So let's have some foot fun with a special I'm offering for the 31 days of October ONLY - All of my shoes, socks, footies, nylons - anything made to grace my pretty feet - are 31% off their advertised prices! No tricks here, just treats for my sexy foot lover! Mention offer "31% off" when ordering.

Monday, 13 January 2014 08:37

News: New year, new prices from Thai Kitty

News: New year, new prices from Thai Kitty

Holidays are over and life got back to the usual routine. End of parties and gifts! I thought I will make your life not bored and decided to give a chance to everyone of you to get my used panties at a special price!
I reduced all prices on my panties for sale and now you can get every panties on my catalog from only 25$!!
Take a look at my Items page and make your choice, you will be able to receive my creamy panties at a more convenient and affordable price now. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a pair and start the fun!
Thai Kitty

Thursday, 25 June 2015 16:17

Never Fear Panty Fans

News: Never Fear Panty Fans.

Never Fear Panty Fans. My site is only down for the moment as I make some significant changes and updates. It's all good! I am not leaving the net.

Several of my favorite plug ins have ceased working correctly and I want to make improvements for your total enjoyment.

This process will likely take me a few days as I make adjustments and changes. I want to do this offline, so that I can work at my own pace, stop and enjoy my panties and photos and ensure the new site is the best it can be!

So enjoy my photos on Panty Trust.

Enjoy my photos on Twitter and if you ask real nicely, I will add a photo or two to my photostream on Twitter.

Nice Comments and encouragement are appreciated!

See you on the net again, very soon!

Monday, 05 October 2015 16:48



October is my Birthday Month....so I thought what better way to celebrate then with a panty & sock sale!
This Whole Month I will be offering a special deal....£10 for me to send out some panties or thongs, you can requests either panties or thongs but that may take the fun out of the surprise random element.
This is for 24 hours wear and FREE masturbation & stuffing, which is more then half off my normal price for the same intense scent.
Socks are the same.....more then half the normal price for 2 day wear (no over night wear), for only £5 a pair.

All Items come in a plain envelope with a handwritten note and in a re-sealable bag
2 pics will be sent of me in the item(s), with a pic of proof of posting emailed over if requested.
I will still offer extras at my usual rates on top.So email for details or more information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or check out the classified on them.

News: Treat Yourself to Special Halloween Panties From Four PantyTrust Favorites

Treat Yourself to Special Halloween Panties From Four PantyTrust Favorites

Halloween is right around the corner, so come trick-or-treating with some of PantyTrust's naughtiest sellers. Don't worry, we're not the boring house on the block handing out apples and toothbrushes. We're the sexy neighbors putting a spell on your with our naughty knickers.

We're all posting photos over on Twitter, so come check us out:
Lauryn, your curvy switch: @LaurynsKnickers
November Echo, your dominant BBW: @NovemberEcho528
Lamia, your sensual Irish brunette: @LamiaSalina
Kiki Rose, your nerdy cutie: @KikiRosePanties

Don't be scared -- you'll love the kind of black magic we work on our Halloween undies. Get in touch if you'd like to get your hands on a pair!

Monday, 26 May 2014 03:55

Summer Kick-off sale!

Summer Kick-off sale!

School's out & summer is here so it's time to celebrate with a sale!

Now through 7/4 get the following deals:

Buy 1 pair of panties, get 25% off a second pair.

Buy 2 pairs of used panties and get 1 free.

News: Eloise new Panties and Photos Specials 

Lately I've been having so much fun wearing panties for my customers that I've decided to snap some pics in every pair. Buyers utilizing my preferred payment method receive (3) photo prints with their package as well as a personal thank you note sealed with a kiss from yours truly!


I've been a filthy, dirty girl and am in need of a good bubble bath.... but all of this lathering up makes it impossible to stop myself from rub a dub dubbing one out. Watch me strip down in the tub, play with my favorite suction cup toy, then head to the shower for even more fun!

Thursday, 10 August 2017 07:00

Take advance of my introductory promotion

Hello there Panty Fiends! Since I'm brand new to Panty Trust I thought you might all like to take advance of my introductory promotion I am offering to all new customers until 11th November. For every £20 item purchased you will receive an extra pair of panties worn for 24hours for free! Double bubble.

News: Tammie's Limited End of July Offer for Dirty Panties

The next four people who order any pair of my panties from My Panty Website  and pay £25 by UK bank transfer will receive the following:

1x pair of worn panties,
2x masturbation
1 x 5 minute authentication video of me in your panties
3 x authentication pics

This is a super reduction on my regular prices. The offer is limited to four people and will be run on a first paid, first served basis. For this offer only UK bank transfers will be accepted. Email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating which panties you would like and I will send through my payment details.

I am only running this offer for four people and will only be running it until Wednesday of this week. Hurry whilst stocks last as I may not repeat this offer again in the future.

Tammie x

Wednesday, 24 January 2018 04:48

Would you be my Valentine?

Would you be my Valentine?
Valentines day is quickly approaching, and I don't have anyone special. For my lovely panty friends, from now until the end of February, I'm running a lovers special.
Any extra's you'd like, I'll provide for free, as my thanks to you for being my Valentine. (Up to three free extras)
Choose your favorite pair of panties, and if you don't see any you like? Let me know. I have dozens of pairs, in a variety of colors and styles. Or, if you have something special in mind, send it my way.
I'll wear your panties for at least 24 hours, more if you desire, and I'll do whatever you'd like, while I wear them.

Hello my lovely panty boys! I'm sad to announce that I'll be closing shop next month. I've got loads of panties that need to go and that means massive savings for you!!

Take advantage of these offers now... they will go fast!

15% off of all panties with **Asterisks in the Title**!

Wednesday, 08 January 2014 08:56

News: Portia's Winter Panty Sale

News: Portia's Winter Panty Sale

Portia is having a huge winter sale so that she can make room for new panties!
Any used panties listed on this page are just $20 with 24 hours wear and two verification photos, other add ons– such as: urine, cum, extra wear for an additional charge of $5 can be arranged, and period panties are an extra charge of $10.

Portia's sale runs through January 31 and US shipping is included. Don't miss out!

Lovelies we're coming to the final weeks of my 'Out of Retirement for Autumn Sale'. Don't miss out on the last of my used panty stock. I'm back in the UK for the next few weeks so it's the perfect time for my UK gentlemen to get their hands on my panties with FREE UK POSTAGE! I still have plenty of satin left in stock for my fellow Satin-lovers! I'll be taking my remaining panty collection in my suitcase.

I love summer and the nicer weather has made me feeling like treating my panty lovers to a special offer.
You can now get 2 pairs of my used panties, thongs and boyshorts for £35 until 24th June. This is saving £5.

Thursday, 16 November 2017 03:06

News: Nymphette November!

News: Nymphette November!

Nymphette November!

I LOVE American Thanksgiving and fall is my favorite time of year, so to celebrate I'm offering $10 off EVERY order now through the end of November!

My panties are always priced at an exceptional value - starting at $30 USD - and most custom add-on's cost around $10. That means buyers can snap up panties with 24 hours wear and free shipping within the U.S. for as low as $20 OR add an extra day of wear/playtime for FREE all month long. Foot fetish items like worn socks, stockings, tights and shoes are all $10 off as well!

Buyers who complete their orders using my preferred payment method ALWAYS receive (3) photo prints of yours truly modeling their garment with their package. In addition, every order placed in November will include a link to download one of my hi res XXX pro photo sets. Those are smokin' hot, sexy pics. For FREE. :)


It’s getting hot out, making it perfect weather for wearing tiny thongs under my booty shorts. This special offer is good through July 2018 and includes all of my available thongs and g-strings. All of my panties come with 24 hours of wear.

Wednesday, 06 September 2017 09:53

September offer- 5 videos with all orders

I love to spoil my used panty fans so for all orders placed and paid for in September I am offering my panty lovers access to 5 of my videos ,usually worth £25 if bought separately. In total this is around 20 minutes worth of footage. The videos are hotter than HOT and include squirting, playing, teasing, panty stuffing and even a naughty sex video.
Not only do you get 4 photos of me wearing your items and free uk postage (first class) access to watch the 5 video clips are also included with the price of your order.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014 06:15

News: Ally's Marathon Panties

News: Ally's Marathon Panties. Which pair should I wear?

If you follow Ally on Twitter, or even her blog, you will learn that she is a keen runner and preparing to run the Marathon!
But she needs your help deciding what type of panties she should wear during the race, and with not long to go, she has put together a contest on her blog where you can help her making the choice.
So, which of these 2 Victoria Secret cotton biking should she run with? Or should it be a surprise one?
Vote here


It’s time to have some MARCH MADNESS FUN! I’m running a tournament contest and the winner will receive a pair of my DIRTY DELICIOUS panties valued up to $50! For entering the contest I will send you a photo of my beautiful pussy!

Tuesday, 06 October 2015 06:35

News: Aaliyah's autumn collection

News: Aaliyah's autumn collection

The leaves are falling from the trees, and my clothes are still falling from me! I love this time of year so much, it get a bit colder but it means I can wear my sexiest underwear under my clothes to keep me warm yet smoulder seductively at the same time ;) It's the perfect time for sculpting lace corsets, silken stockings and suspender belts, making me feel such a naughty girl secretly stroking myself at my lunch break or whilst on the ride home.

Knowing that I am wearing my new lingerie for someone to lust over turns me on so much I cant wait to get home, slip out of my clothes and pose for the camera to make all their dirty dreams come true! I'm adding new items as often as I can, and would love to wear something for you- which is why I'm now including FREE naughty pics from my XXX collection with every item purchased :)

My available panty dates are snapped up quicker than a free Ipad!!

My available panty dates are snapped up quicker than a free Ipad!!

Its becoming more and more difficult to get the wear date you want when you want. I'm fully booked for October and only a few dates left for November.........Yikes!

I'm offering all you horny guys a chance to pre book your date(s) from the last week of November onwards, for a non refundable deposit of £5 for 24 to 48 hours wear and £10 for 72 hours and over, using my special pre order form found at the top of each shop page on my website or via Email.

Here's how it works ;)

1 - Simply check my calendar on my website and find your preferred date
2 - You can choose the panties you'd like when you pre book your date(s) or you can hang on and keep checking my Panty Trust Page and website until you find your perfect pair. I try to update my collection every few weeks, your choice of panties must be made and confirmed at least 2 weeks before your date.
3 - Make the deposit and i'll mark the date(s) and item(s) as "reserved" on my shop pages and "pending" on the calendar.
4 - If you only make the deposit when pre booking and not the full amount, the deposit will be taken off the total price of your order when its time to make the full payment. Full payment must be made 2 weeks before your wear date is due to begin.

E.g. - Pre book December 12th - 14th for a 48 hour wear with a £5 deposit. Ill mark off your dates on my calendar as "pending".
The Panties of your dreams are listed on the 1st of November, get in touch letting me know you want them and they'll be marked as "reserved".
I'll send you confirmation of the total price minus the £5 deposit and the date in which the full payment must be paid by.
Once full payment has been received the calendar will be changed to "booked" and the panties changed to "sold.

If your wear date(s) are no longer suitable as the time grows closer, just let me know at least 1 week before hand and we can rearrange your times.

If you need any further info just drop me a line, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016 00:00

** Miss Fiona's November Promo **

I know most of you are here for all of my pretty panties, but this month’s promo is for you foot fetish boys who can’t get enough of the smell of my lovely toes.

Hi babies!

Tax refund money burning a hole in your pocket? Check out my bulk specials!

Bulk Panty & Socks Specials:
Make me yours for a full WEEK!
- Up to 7 PANTIES of your choice for just $100 & you choose the FREE unlimited customizations!
- Up to 7 pairs of SOCKS of your choice for just $50 & you choose the FREE unlimited customizations!



Is Halloween your favorite holiday too? I always thought I'd make a good Cinderella, another gal with a shoe fetish! ;)

So let's have some foot fun with a special I'm offering for the 31 days of October ONLY - All of my shoes, socks, footies, nylons - anything made to grace my pretty feet - are 31% off their advertised prices! No tricks here, just treats for my sexy foot lover! Mention offer "31% off" when ordering. And get ready to cum hard with my sexy sweaty foot filth!

 July Special Offer- 2 pairs of used panties for £30
I did promise at the start of 2017 some fantastic deals and I’m keeping to my promises and resolutions. For July I am offer one of the most popular offers with all you panty lovers…
That’s right my 2 pairs for £30 offer is back and I’m running it all month.

News: Hi horny boys! To celebrate the arrival of spring

Hi horny boys! To celebrate the arrival of spring, I've lowered my prices on many of my naughty novelties! As always, I still offer FREE vacuum sealing on virtually everything, lots of FREE pics with almost everything, and FREE pussypops with all panties/pantyhose/bikinis/lingerie sets/workout shorts!

My Dirty Delight Offerings
Panties: $20
Bras: $20-$30
Lingerie Top & Panty Sets: $40
Pantyhose: $20
Stockings: $10
Socks, Footies, Footlets: $10
Shoes of all types, including sweaty sneakers: $10-$100
Bikinis: $40
Sports bras: $20
Workout/yoga shorts (worn without panties): $20
Tanktops: $20
Domination Tasks Customized to You
Video Clips
Photo Sets
Audio Clips
Autographed Prints (existing or customized)
Cock Rings: $20
Condoms Used With My Sex Toys: $20
Pussypops, Asspops, Toepops: $20
Chapsticks Used on My Mouth, Pussy, Asshole, or Toes: $20
Pussy Stuffed, Assflossed, or Toe Swiped Fine Cotton Handkerchiefs: $20
Pussy Stuffed, Assflossed, or Toe Swiped Neckties: $20
Pussy Stuffed, Assflossed, or Toe Swiped Cotton Swatches: $20
Locks of My Hair: $20
Hair Accessories (Brushes, Combs, Hair Ties, Ribbons, Clips, Barettes, etc.) $1-$20
Jewelry: $5-$10
Fingernail/Toenail Clippings: $10
Nail Files: $5
Toothbrushs Used on My Mouth, Pussy, Asshole, or Toes: $20
Spat Mints, Drinks (Swished), Food (Chewed): $5+
Toilet Paper: $20-$30
Q-Tips: $10
Floss: $10
Razors: $10
Foot Dust: $10
Vials of Sink Water I Soaked My Pussy in (no soap used): $10
Vials of Mineral Rich HOT SPRINGS Water I Soaked My Whole Body in (4+ hours in a private tub): $10
Cosmetics & Perfume: $10-$20
Garters: $30 (Only one available)
Dresses: $20+
Leggings: $30
Slips & Nightgowns: $30
Satin bedsheets Used For A Month (Masturbate on/have sex on – your choice): $100
Items of Your Choosing on Amazon: TBD
Especially Filthy Treats (Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to hear about these)
...Don't be shy – If you don't see what you're craving, tell me what delicacy would make my boy happy! I haven't said no yet! :)

Here's all the sexy souvenirs I have waiting for you:

See my list of customization options, video/photo sets/audio file menus, specials I have going on, and easy order instructions:

Monday, 20 August 2018 15:13

30% off Summer Sale all used panties £14

30% off Summer Sale all used panties £14
I’m offering a special price sale on my used panties over the last few weeks of summer. It’s time to grab a bargain as I am offering 30% off my used panties until 31st August.
There are so many choices of colours, styles and materials. This offer even includes some satin pairs so you really are being spoiled by me this summer.

Friday, 28 November 2014 16:02

News: What are you thankful for?

News: News: What are you thankful for? 

What are you thankful for?

The holiday season is here! Now is the perfect time for us to get to know each other and indulge in our naughty (or nice) urges together!

This time of year is always my favorite since there's an emphasis on reflection, being thankful for all that we have, and sharing quality time with those we care about. This year is made extra special now that I've joined the Panty Trust community and have embarked on a whole new erotic adventure with you!

In honor of Thanksgiving and the various holiday celebrations that close out the year, I'm offering a 20% discount on all first time orders made through the rest of 2014!

Introduce yourself to me, sharing what you are thankful for, and I'll send you a discount code to use on my online fetish store at www.KeishaMarie.com

E-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or connect with me on Twitter @KeishasSecrets to participate!

And my favorite response from my new playmates will get an extra special treat to ring in the new year - so make it good!

** Please note, the code will expire on Januarary 1st. So get your orders in soon! **

Hi Panty Lovers!

Do you like to receive juicy orgasm panties? Because I like to send them...
Just pick any used panties from my classified ads and quote 'Juicy Orgasm Panties' in your email when you write to me to order. I will add an extra free cum/play/masturbation - usually £10 per play - to your panties so they are extra juicy.

Panties are £20+p&p+any other naughty extras you enjoy.
Extras: How long should I wear my used knickers for you?
24 hrs? Included in standard price.
48 hrs? (+ £20.00) 72 hrs? (+ £40.00)

It's that time of year again! Spring has sprung and I'm finally back to wearing my sexy g-strings and thongs under my miniskirts!
For the entire month of April, all of my G-string and Thong hamper panties will be priced at 2 pairs for $30.

Place your order before Easter Sunday and GET ONE FREE EXTRA...

Monday, 02 February 2015 11:48



Beginning February 1st, ALL my used panties are just $20! I have nearly 200 sexy pairs listed to choose from! A huge selection of all colors, all styles, and all fabrics!

As always, every panty cums with LOTS of free pics (uncensored & including pussy closeups), free vacuum sealing, and if gifting via money transfer - even a free pussypop w/ closeup pics!

I've retweaked the prices on many other delicacies too! Almost everything cums with LOTS of free pics & free vacuum sealing!

See my profile for ordering info: www.pantytrust.com/Lana

See all my ads: http://www.pantytrust.com/used-panties-classified/foot-fetish/user/346-lana

News: Would you like a pair of my smelly panties for just £1?

Enter my May panties raffle to win these sexy pink lace panties! For just a £1 Amazon UK gift card (sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) you will be in with a chance to win. In the gift card message please enter your email address so I can contact you. Raffle entry closes on 24th May. So go on, at just £1, why not give yourself a May Day treat! ☺ Good luck!

Visit my Twitter page for regular updates: https://twitter.com/tammiepantygirl
And my website: http://www.tammiesusedpanties.wix.com/tammiespanties

News: News: I'm trying to be a good panty girl for Christmas

I'm trying to be a good panty girl to make sure Santa cums for Christmas! After all, I'm sure the poor guy's sick of cookies and milk by now! So to lure him over to my house, I'm going to lay out the juiciest panties ever! How, you ask? With my brand new customization options!

My new naughty list includes (with the newest options near the bottom):

-Extra Days Wear (Specify how many)
-Masturbated in*
-Stuffed in My Pussy*
-Peed into and/or "Forgetting to wipe after I pee"
-Ass Flossed With After a Poo (Specify if you want me to wipe w/ TP first, skip wiping, or wipe and shower first)
-Worked Out in
-Busy Day Wear (I clean the house from top to bottom, do extra walking by running errands on foot, dance around the house, or anything that will keep me extra busy, no TV watching for me!)
-Cream Pied in
-Not Shower before I put them on
-Worn with my vibrating panties over the top – pussy juice at the push of a button!
-Worn with a vibrating bullet inside my pussy
-Use of pussy suctioning device
-Your Suggestions

All just $10 each!

So treat yourself this season to the juiciest pussy soaked panties you've ever had - from the hottest 5'10 blonde model you've ever known!

Get your orders in now, my Holiday Hornies! Just a few days available in November & December is filling up fast!

See all my ads:
http://www.pantytrust.com/used-panties-classified/foot-fetish/user/3 46-lana.html



New year, new panties! I just bought 100 more of my gorgeous pussyjuice absorbering panties to ring in the new year right! So to help make room in my drawers, I'm offering the biggest sale I ever have:


That includes...

·Pantyhose & Stockings
·Socks, Footies, Footlets/Shoeliners
·Workout Clothes (sports bras, shorts worn w/o panties, sweaty tanktops)
·Video Clips (existing or customized – see the menu at www.pantytrust.com/Lana)
·Photo Sets (existing or customized)
·Audio Clips (existing or customized)
·Sex Toys
·Condoms Used With My Sex Toys
·Chapsticks Used on BOTH Sets of Lips
·Pussy Stuffed (or Assflossed) Handkerchiefs, Neckties & Cotton Swatches
·Locks of My Hair
·Hair Accessories (Brushes, Combs, Hair Ties, Ribbons, Clips, Bobby Pins, etc.)
·Nail Clippings
·Nail Files
·Used Gum & Mints
·Vials of Liquids I've Swished in My Mouth
·Vials of Sink Water I Soaked My Pussy in (no soap used)
·Cosmetics & Perfume
·Slips & Nightgowns
·And so much more!

As always, every panty cums with LOTS of free pics (uncensored & including pussy closeups), free vacuum sealing if desired, and if gifting via money transfer - even a free pussypop w/ pics!

Most other items also cum with LOTS of free pics & free vacuum sealing too!

Mention “50% OFF” when ordering to receive your discount.

See my profile for ordering info: www.pantytrust.com/Lana
See all my ads: http://www.pantytrust.com/used-panties-classified/foot-fetish/user/346-lana

I have a very special offer just for you! Who has ever fantasized about that hot young lady in the office? Did you think about what she was wearing under her tight little skirt, stockings and heels? Yes?

Clearance to welcome the Spring! buy one pair of used panties or a thong and get one free!
Spring is one of the best seasons of the year and I feel more than energetic to come plenty of new models and colors for you. In order to leave room to my new sunny undies, I want to offer you something irresistible.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014 18:16

News: My panties would always be soaked

News: My panties would always be soaked 

When I was younger, my dripping juices were a strange, slightly-annoying matter to me. My panties would always be soaked and would sometimes run through to my pants at school! I was so worried that my classmates would make fun of me... and it wasn't until I got older and wiser that I realized I -like- it. I love being so wet all the time, sometimes even smelling my own scent through my clothing.

For the longest time I've fantasized about moistening up a pretty pair of panties and sending them off. Thanks to YOU (and PantyTrust) I can finally make my fantasies come true!

I'm Miss Vee, and I'm here to help us both get off by selling my spicy sweet panties. I'm especially a fan of lace, as you'll see in my ads... I love the feel of them on my bum all day, a nice little secret for me to let you in on!

Since I'm new to PantyTrust, for the next two weeks I'm offering 20% off ANY PURCHASE for new customers. This includes shipping to anywhere in the world! So what do you say... wanna take my panty-selling VEE-card? ;)


News: For the month of November only I'm offering 30% Off

For the month of November only I'm offering 30% off the advertised price on EVERYTHING in my 250 listings except single panties!
That includes:

Panty & bra sets
Single Bras (including sports bras)
Lingerie (even sets that include panties)
Pantyhose & Stockings
Socks & Footies
Photo Sets
Audio Clips
Used gum & mints
Cosmetics & perfume
My only workout skort w/ built-in panty
Slips & Nightgowns
Sweaty tanktops
Fetish Wear
Titty Tassels
Sex Toys
Condoms used with my sex toys
Pussy Pops
Hair & Nail Clippings (ribbons, clips, barrettes, etc.)
Combs, hairbrushes, hair accessories
Lipbalms used on BOTH sets of lips
Pussy stuffed Handkerchiefs & Swatches
Vials of sink water I soaked my pussy in (no soap used)
Vials of liquids I've swished in my mouth
Autographed Prints
...And more! Don't see what you want? Ask me!

Reserve your item today because November's queue is filling up fast!

My profile: www.pantytrust.com/lana

See all my ads: http://www.pantytrust.com/used-panties-classified/foot-fetish/user/346-lana.html

Email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

News: Vacuum sealing Lana's dirty panties available now 

I found a new way to tickle your fancy, sexies: A brand new vacuum sealer!!! Now my panties, socks/stockings, and other delicacies you've become addicted to will arrive to you fresher & wetter than ever!

I will always seal immediately after they come off. And if you request masturbation, stuffing the panties inside me, a workout, a cream pie, pee, ass flossing, etc.... I always save it for the end of wear and seal them up as soon as I finish. I want you to have every drop of my gourmet juices! Cum get it, boys!

Xxxx Lana

Hello to all you fantastic Panty Trust customers! March is my birthday month, and I'm planning on celebrating it in style. For the whole month of March I'll be offering a huge 20% off all my listed items. That's my gorgeous worn panties, dirty socks, used stockings and tantalising photos at a fraction of the normal cost.

I know you boys must have really missed me while I was travelling in Europe for almost 2 months, but don't worry, I'm back now and I've brought you all some lovely little souvenirs from my trip.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017 16:38

Used Panty Lover Discount Packages

Used Panty Lover Discount Packages | An idea I have had for a while now was to offer discount packages and longer subscriptions to regular buyers or those that want to purchase from me frequently over a period of time. So after an overwhelmingly positive response on my customer questionnaire regarding these packages I have decided to offer a service which means you can buy used panties at a discounted price by purchasing upfront.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018 17:41

Buy 1 Get 1 50% OFF End of Summer Sale

Summer is ending, so I’m offering a sale to celebrate the new season. Buy one of my used items, get the second item 50% off the list price.
All of my used panties, bras and stockings are included in this sale so have a look through my used items and treat yourself to my soiled goods.

News: Lana is having such a sexy good time sharing her wet hot panties

I'm having such a sexy good time sharing my wet hot panties with my secret lovers, I couldn't help but open my bedside drawer all the way open! I'm now offering all sorts of fun playthings to satisfy my boys! See my ads for all these tasty treats...

-Lingerie sets
-Fetish wear
-Cock rings
-Ass plug
-Workout sports bras
-Workout shorts
-Titty tassels
-Socks & footies
-Lana Lollies

As always, I take lots of high resolution pics to be sent with each naughty novelty!
Is there something you crave that you don't see? Email me and I'll do what I can to make sure you'll be cuming back for more!

Lana Xxxx

It’s been a while since I offered a special deal on my used panties so I thought the time has come to offer my panty lovers something really special.  And for the next four weeks I will be offering a £5 discount on all of my cotton pairs of worn underwear. That includes full knickers, thongs and G strings.
Providing they are cotton then instead of £20 for 24 hour worn you only have to pay £15. If you would like me to wear longer than 24 hours I can do for an additional £10 per 24 hours.

News:  I'm sure all you panty buyers would love to taste and smell her

my lady love interest is visiting next weekend she's a beauty and I'm sure all you panty buyers would love to taste and smell her, I know I do.our weekends are always fun and filthy so I'm offering a special package to the highest bidder this will include our sexy used panties of course and lots of extras show your interest and make a bid by emailing me don't be shy it will be worth it xx

Wednesday, 07 June 2017 14:00

Kaylee's Summer used panty sale!

School's out & summer is here so it's time to celebrate with a sale!

Now through 7/4 get the following deals:

Buy 1 pair of used panties, get 25% off a second pair.
​Buy 2 pairs of panties and get 1 free.
​Plus, more discounts on bulk orders.
​Buy one get one 50% off socks!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014 03:07

News: New Horny Panty Videos!

News: New Horny Panty Videos!

Hi Panty Fans!

I've recently started making some videos for some customers and discovered how fun it is and how horny it makes me feel :)
So let me know what you would like to watch me doing and i'll do my best to deliver!
You can find all the information here: http://pussykatspurringpanties.wordpress.com/videos-new or you can send me an email if you have any questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
xx PussyKat


Following on from my special deal on cotton used panties I thought I would treat my panty lovers with a special offer on LACE USED PANTIES.
Until 9th April I will be offering a £5 discount on all of my lace pairs of used underwear. This includes full knickers, thongs, g strings and Brazilian style panties. Providing the underwear is made from lace then instead of £20 for 24 hour worn you only have to pay £15. If you would like me to wear for longer than 24 hours I can do for an additional £10 per 24 hours.

Sunday, 12 October 2014 17:49

News: Zoe's Halloween's socks and smellies

News: Zoe's Halloween's socks and smellies

It’s the time of the year when I become even more active now that it’s not sweltering, and often find myself sock shopping. I need to make room in my sock drawer so some socks have got to go. That also being said, I have my eye on a pair of cute new boots on Amazon, and I’m saving up amazon gift card sock tributes to snag them for Myself: I get a “kick” out of this.

As my sock scent sluts know, I don’t like to wash socks. I instead keep pairs on a saturation rotation until I feel they are ready to go. That means they generally have soaked up a decent bit of rank before I’m willing to part with them. I will be accepting tribute for my work socks and pantyhose chosen at random from my bursting drawers. This promo (including the bonus free sock giveaway) will be on until Halloween’s end. At that point I’ll be mailing out the free treats to the lucky scent sluts that were chosen via envelope draw.

I have a few adorable “Smell My Feet” envelopes left. Two have pen marks inside them. I’ll choose one at random to mail with your request and if yours is marked, you’ll receive another pair of socks or hose in the mail after Halloween as a (free) bonus for contributing to my boot fund. The sooner you send your requests in, the better your chance of getting free socks.

Tribute for Socks is $25 including shipping ($20 for Panty Trust Members)- I will send a randomly chosen pair of socks from my collection. You can specify a preference (patterned, solid, ankle, knee-high) and I’ll see what I can do. You can snag two pairs for $35 and have them mailed weeks apart.

Pantyhose will be done the same way (must purge that drawer, I have net & solid) for a tribute of $40 (two wears).

Requests? Questions? Drop me a line.

Special End of Summer Offer! Two pairs of my £20 panties for £30 plus P&P

We all need some extra fun as the Summer starts to fade, what cold be better than two delicious pairs of panties filled with my sweet scent and juices?

News: Santa brought me exactly what I asked for at Christmas: a vacuum sealer! 

I was such a good girl last year that Santa brought me exactly what I asked for at Christmas: a vacuum sealer!

So excited to announce that all panties and other fetish items will now be vacuum sealed before shipping to preserve my musky aroma and delicious juices. (Gussets will still be wrapped in wax paper prior to sealing to protect their delicate moisture!) Dildos, pussy pops, booty bonbons, smelly socks... you name it, I'll play with it and seal it up tight.

I'm happy to offer this new service to my buyers free of charge. Prices will stay the same, with panties starting at just $30 USD for 24 hours wear. So many different colors, fabrics and styles to choose from - check out my classifieds to find your very own pair today!

And don't forget to download one of my intoxicating XXX pro photo sets to accompany your purchase - every buyer deserves some eye candy to enjoy whilst unwrapping my sweet scented panties!



Tuesday, 07 February 2017 19:36

Fae's Valentine's Promotion

Fae's Valentine's Promotion

Happy Valentine's Day panty lovers! To say thank you to all of my lovely customers, I will be offering a special Valentine's treat throughout the month of February.

News:  I have now set up some lovely panty plans for panty lovers.

I have 3 plans available at the moment, each with a sweet smelling pair of my panties a month posted directly to you. The plans mean you make a considerable saving on my delights, compared to single orders.

Joining the Panty club also means you save on any extra buying you may desire while in the club, think of the savings on lovely picture sets, custom clips and yet more panties!

At the end of the clubs there are savings for re-applying and the longer plans have FREE gifts.

I still desire to hear how my lovely panties are being used or abused.

Panties are posted out in a discrete white padded envelopes.
More information is available on the panty club area of my website

I look forward to hearing from you.

News: Unwrap the most salacious gift you'll be getting this year

Treat yourself. Unwrap the most salacious gift you'll be getting this year.

Tis' the season for stuffing! Santa Claus stuff himself down the chimney, we all stuff ourselves with food, and generally drive ourselves crazy buying...stuff!

From now until December 25, all of my RED panties will come with a complimentary customization: stuffed!

See the sights on www.syrupyusedpanties.com


Thursday, 28 June 2018 22:01

“New” Summer Used Panties and Thongs

I have updated my Panty Trust store and my website with over 40 new pairs of used panties and worn thongs! The choice for my panty lovers is now massive and there really is something for every taste. I have lots of full panties and thongs available in satin, cotton and lace and in every colour that you can think of.

Peachy Keen is coming out of Retirement for Autumn! Help me keep warm this Autumn season Satin Connoisseurs and Used Panty Pervs.

This chubby milf has relocated from the UK to Germany and I hear I'm in for some truly 'nippy' weather in the months to come ;) I've so missed sharing my panties with someone special and can't wait to start selling again

Monday, 19 December 2016 16:41

Aaliyah's Christmas Giveaway

It is often said that Christmas is the season to be giving, and I couldn't agree more :) What better way to treat all of my lovely panty fans than to give something back to show my love and appreciation for you?

News:  I've got lots and lots of beautiful new panties just waiting to get all creamy and cummy

Hello boys ;) I'm going on holiday from the 15th-29th of September so I wont be around to get my panties deliciously dirty for you naughty boys!

I'll be taking orders again from the 2nd of October. I've got lots and lots of beautiful new panties just waiting to get all creamy and cummy especially for you. There's everything your heart desires.......from sensual satin, luscious lace and basic cotton classics, you'll be truly spoilt for choice!

Keep a lookout for an extra special offer, a Panty Trust exclusive! Not available anywhere else but here.
I won't spoil the surprise and give away the identity of my mystery item but think....soft, sensual, seductive and the best of both worlds......Intrigued? Check my classifieds on October 2nd to find out what it is :o

Hello panty friends! Spring is in the air where I am and I feel like rewarding my lovely loyal followers. So, for the entirety of May you can choose any four pairs of panties and send me a gift for only 3. That’s a pair a week for a whole month!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017 19:01

Flash Sale.. All Panties £14

Flash Sale.. All Panties £14

I promised when I changed my prices that I would still include some amazing offers... and I intend on keeping that promise.

From 17th -24th February I will be having a flash sale on my site. all panties will be £14 worn 24 hours rather than my usual selling price of £20. This includes worn 24 hours, masturbated in and worked out in if you would like. It also includes 4 free photos of me wearing and UK delivery (add £5 for outside of the UK)

News: Zoe's Spring Cleaning Sneakers, Heels and more! 

Zoe's Used PantyHoseTime for some fancy new footwear and with that, giving some of my sexy, smelly and trashed shoes and boots up for adoption to perverted new homes. I'm accepting mainly amazon.com gift cards for this, to put toward new spring sandals :)

I have smelly sneakers and disco heels, worn and trashed boots, well kept gorgeous heels- patent, leather upper and leather upper and sole. With shoe/heel/boot purchase you can also treat yourself to a few of my package upgrades including panties, socks, photos, online scenes (Domination, Shoe Modelling, POV Ignore, Erotica writing), or toys. Shipping may or may not be included depending on your location, but is calculated for your postal/ zip code.

I will give deals on shipping and total tribute especially when you upgrade your package with any of the sweet add-ons I have on offer, or if you adopt more than one pair. I need space in my closet! :) You can read more and see more about these sweet deals on my blog here: www.zoe-aspasia.com/blog/my-heels-sneakers-and-boots-up-for-adoption/

Really excited to meet some new foot and shoe enthusiasts :)

Monday, 04 March 2019 21:40

March Used Panties Special Offer

It’s been a while since I offered a month long special offer and the glimpse of spring weather that we experienced this week in the UK has put me in a great mood. As a result I am going to treat my used panty lovers to the most popular special offer. This will be my 2 pairs of used panties instead of my usual price of £40 for 2 pairs.

I am excited to announce that the day has finally come, my lovely panty buyers. The day you have been waiting for has arrived! For the past year or so, I have been getting requests for nude photo sets and I didn't offer those...Until now!!
Starting January 1st, 2016, I will be offering nude photo sets. The photos can be chosen from a collection of mine or you can get them custom, just for your taste. Have a position you like? Let me know and I will do my best to accommodate to your likes. What's the cost you ask?

Hey used panties lovers I’ve got a deal for you! I’m selling my tasty treats for buy one get one 10 dollars off! Its on all items, no restrictions on combinations! Wont you come play with me? them! I tend to have some things around, I just haven’t listed yet)

Sunday, 15 November 2015 10:22

News: My Dirty Delight Offerings

News: My Dirty Delight Offerings

Not only am I a fetish fanatic, but a bit of a shopaholic too. This leaves me with bags of new sexy panties and other brand new fetish offerings that I haven't got the ad space to list yet! What's a juicy panty girl to do?! So as a little incentive for my sexy lovers to help me make room, I'm dropping prices on several sweet treats! Cum have a taste of...

My Dirty Delight Offerings

Panties: $20
Bras (usually VS brand): $20
Bra & Panty Sets: $40
Pantyhose: $20
Thigh High Stockings: $10
Socks, Footies, Footlets: $10

Hello  used panty friends! As January finally comes to a close and I'm starting to get all excited about Valentines day in a few weeks I've decided I want to do something special for my panty boys. What better way than to offer buy one get one free on all my thongs until 14th February. That's double my delicious scent and juices on every thong order until the big day itself!

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