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Panty selling is not easy, you will not be inundated with requests

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“Is it true that you can make £50,000 a year selling your dirty underwear?”
“Do you have a Pay-Pig?”
“Have you been able to quit your job since selling your used underwear?”
“What’s the most you’ve made on a pair of panties?”

These are all questions I have received, both from buyers and from prospective sellers of used underwear.

The answer to the first three questions is no. The answer to the fourth is £120. I’ve made over £100 on a single pair of panties just a handful of times in almost three years of selling, and most of my panties sell for about £30. The pair which earned me £120 had me wearing them for 5 days without a single shower and included a range of extras plus pics. They weren’t just picked at random from my laundry basket.

Panty Selling is not easy, you will not be inundated with requests. Buyers are (generally) not satisfied with “regular wear” panties. In other words, no, you can’t just wear knickers as you normally would for 8-12 hours a day and sell them on to the highest bidder. Buyers can be very particular, not just about the scent that they desire, but about the panty itself. You must be willing and able to accommodate to their needs.

I’m a full-time University Student and I also have multiple part-time jobs, working at least 25 hours a week alongside my studies to supplement my student loan. I haven’t been able to give up everything and make a small fortune off my dirty smalls. This is total fabrication (excuse the puns).
To make £50,000 you would need to sell your panties for about £140 per pair of 24-hour-wear panty, 365 days a year. This is totally impossible. In almost three years of selling I have experienced months of dry-spells (where I haven’t made a single sale). Other months I’ve filled up my queue in a matter of days. And I have experienced everything in-between. You need to learn to not lose heart when you don’t make a sale that month. You must enjoy more than just making a quick profit.

Your success at panty selling depends on two things:
1) What you consider to be successful, and
2) How much effort you’re willing to put into it. You cannot simply sit back and wait for guys to beg to own a pair of your dirty knickers. You need to put time, energy and enthusiasm into your business. You need to be passionate about this panty fetish.

If you share or are interested in the fetish, enjoy chatting to new people and genuinely care about providing a service for people who have this fetish, then panty selling might be for you. If you’re just after making a quick buck then please look elsewhere.

Panty-Selling is not a goldmine. It will not make you rich. But it can be hugely enjoyable.

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