Have you ever wanted to experience the taste of a young sexy goddess, whilst playing a mysterious erotic cum inducing game? Well look no further! These #fetishaccessories #mystery pops cum with a colour coded chart so if you want to see if your guesses are correct you can!
Flavours up for grabs!
-Sweat from my armpits and feet after a sweaty workout.
-my spit; I will lick and suck a lollipop.
-my hot steaming pee.
-standard pussy pop; inserted into my tight juicy pussy.
-Ass Pop; glided against my tightest hole before being gently inserted into my anus.
-Cum Pop; after my tight pussy has been fucked hard by my bf i will insert the pop into my juicy pussy and collect our mixed cum.
If you would prefer to choose your own pop flavours email me and I will sort it for you.
£10 for 5 mystery pops or £3 for 1 mystery pop

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